Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Play part SCENE
Drink through a straw SUCK
Welcoming HOMEY
First letter ALPHA
Stroll AMBLE
Climber’s spike PITON
Authentic REAL
Weapon store ARMORY
Slalom shape ESS
Ring great ALI
Once called NEE
Preoccupy DISTRACT
Russian refusal NYET
Clumsy ones OAFS
Nile snake ASP
Sinking signal SOS
Sticky stuff GOO
Devious SHIFTY
Lawn material TURF
Pay tribute to HONOR
Letter stroke SERIF
Contest form ENTRY
Castle of dance IRENE
Egg setting NEST
Roof feature RIDGE
Was generous SHARED
Diplomat’s base EMBASSY
Dickens girl NELL
Pupil’s place EYE
Slender SLIM
Writer Sinclair UPTON
Gofer’s job CHORE
West of music KANYE
Sacher torte ingredients APRICOTS
Imitating ALA
Creative skill ARTISTRY
TV’s Danson TED
Pitch’s kin TAR
Calculated FIGURED
Composer’s work SCORING
Kind of milk SOY
Brittle candy TOFFEE
Was bright SHONE
Pub orders PINTS
Army post FORT
TV’s Hatcher TERI
Polite address SIR