Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Prepare to take a picture FOCUS
Take a picture SHOOT
Start of a Caesar quote ICAME
Brother of Chico HARPO
Sherpa’s home NEPAL
Tribal leader ELDER
Will Smith biopic ALI
Sheltered side LEE
They hold power INS
Place to park LOT
Granola bit OAT
"The Matrix" hero NEO
Position STATUS
Earth neighbor MARS
Not figurative LITERAL
Corduroy ridge WALE
Fisherman with a net SEINER
Put away ATE
One heart, e.g. BID
First número UNO
Autonomous program BOT
Small worker ANT
Bridal title MRS
Pays to play ANTES
Compass AMBIT
Act part SCENE
Fragment PIECE
Grazing groups HERDS
Tourney end FINALS
Spotted cat OCELOT
Sentence starter CAPITALLETTER
Thurman of film UMA
Hit show SELLOUT
Paper unit SHEET
"2001" computer HAL
Starting bid OPENER
Begins slowly EASESIN
Cinch TIE
Month in Marseilles MAI
Bureaucratic annoyance REDTAPE
Terre Haute’s river WABASH
Right away ATONCE
Opera’s Caruso ENRICO
Army sites BASES
Complete END
Soviet space station MIR