Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Starting point BASIS
Light lunch SALAD
Mindful AWARE
Baghdad native IRAQI
City visit, of a sort WALKINGTOUR
Caustic stuff LYE
Buddhist school ZEN
Plopped down SAT
Korean city SEOUL
Highland lakes LOCHS
Half of a 1960s rock group PAPAS
Lotion additive ALOE
Curbside cry TAXI
Discourage DETER
Baseball’s Derek JETER
Brought back REDUX
Solid wood OAK
Mover’s truck VAN
Craze FAD
Partner on a ticket RUNNINGMATE
Zodiac ram ARIES
Cleaner scent LEMON
Espresso order LATTE
Cry like a baby BAWL
Not at home AWAY
Store come-on SALE
Tick off IRK
Gallery fill ART
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Blue-green hue AQUA
Detergent target DIRT
"The Matrix" hero NEO
Like chiffon SHEER
Rubber source LATEX
Young fellow LAD
Flamenco cry OLE
Barracks bed COT
Contrived PAT
Log chopper AXE
Polite address SIR
Tarzan’s home JUNGLE
Dapper guy DAN
Spoken ORAL
Mystique AURA
Make socks KNIT
Renown FAME
Tiny bit ATOM
Refuse DENY
Tennis court need NET
Fellows MEN