Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Herring’s kin SHAD
Rat’s home SEWER
Bea Arthur series MAUDE
Laughable INANE
Add on ANNEX
In a way, informally SORTA
Place to park LOT
Tornado Alley event TWISTER
Germ fighter Joseph LISTER
Refiner’s supply ORE
Writer Seton ANYA
Cardinal RED
Minimal money CENT
Dune makeup SAND
Dijon denial NON
Eats in the evening SUPS
Ancient OLD
Lisa, to Bart SISTER
Skin swelling BLISTER
Gardner of film AVA
Joust need LANCE
Detail map INSET
Incite EGGON
— Dame NOTRE
Takes ten RESTS
Citi Field team METS
Petite SMALL
Vietnam city HANOI
Mom’s sisters AUNTS
HST follower DDE
Emphatic assent, in Spain SISI
Adam’s grandson ENOS
Devastated by fighting WARTORN
Brought up REARED
Sardonic WRY
Shoe color TAN
Ache battler ASPIRIN
Cut-and-paste art COLLAGE
Finishes ENDINGS
Wagon puller ASS
"Whether ’tis — …" NOBLER
Try out USE
Refinement TASTE
Turn outward EVERT
Billing info RATES
Paisley person SCOT
Addition column TENS
— de plume NOM