Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hangs low SAGS
Curving paths ARCS
Bold poker bet ALLIN
Floor worker TILER
Shrek’s love FIONA
Conjecture OPINE
Subside EBB
Masculine icon MANSMAN
Cat with colorful points SIAMESE
Put away ATE
Aspersions SLURS
Hearty dish STEW
Dict. contents WDS
Phone bill addition FEE
Relaxing places SPAS
Sure thing CINCH
Bruins legend ORR
Friend of Aramis PORTHOS
Verb for you ARE
Like tumblers AGILE
High-strung TENSE
Rocker Bob SEGER
Quiche base EGGS
Reduced amount LESS
Hotel fixtures SAFES
Suspects’ stories ALIBIS
Environmental concern GLOBALWARMING
Naughty act SIN
Make amends ATONE
Tears RIPS
Environmental concern CLIMATECHANGE
Capitol group SENATE
New parents, e.g. NAMERS
Extend, as a subscription RENEW
Braying beast ASS
Mires MUDS
Dispatched SENT
Historic events FIRSTS
Fizzy drinks SODAS
Czech capital PRAGUE
Take in CON
Stable group HORSES
Tiny sounds PEEPS
Prophets SEERS
Cord end PLUG
Snaky fish EEL