Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Those people THEM
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Cheer for a diva BRAVA
Yucatan natives MAYAS
Broadcast AIRED
Put up ERECT
"Chandelier" singer SIA
High trains ELS
Flying high SOARING
Mineral sources ORES
Cut off ENDED
Massage target ACHE
Generous virtue SHARING
Farrow of film MIA
Finger count TEN
White-hot SEARING
Fit for a king REGAL
Israel’s Meir GOLDA
River of Missouri OSAGE
Falco and Brickell EDIES
Winged archer EROS
Precious DEAR
Diamond feat TRIPLE
At any time EVER
Jefferson’s successor MADISON
Last letter OMEGA
Spoil MAR
Mate’s answer AYESIR
Wisconsin city RACINE
Headquartered BASED
Antlered animals STAGS
Contrary to good manners NOTDONE
Fishing poles RODS
Jury member PEER
Set to wed ENGAGED
Elroy’s dog ASTRO
Burger topper CHEESE
Plane’s place HANGAR
Clarke of "Game of Thrones" EMILIA
Fire-starting stuff TINDER
Long stories SAGAS
Resort spots ISLES
Took the bus RODE
In the past AGO