Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Con games SCAMS
Easy gait LOPE
Insertion sign CARET
Without break ONEND
Singer Cara IRENE
Mountain group RANGE
Summer cooler FAN
Reuben bread RYE
[Not my spelling] SIC
Pinot Grigio, e.g. ITALIANWINE
Shade tree ELM
Kitchen appliance OVEN
Very serious GRAVE
Wave’s top CREST
Romantic flower ROSE
Drill part BIT
Long sandwich ITALIANHERO
Golf goal PAR
Fabric color DYE
Pet perch LAP
Piano piece ETUDE
Writer Ephron DELIA
Take, as advice ACTON
Bears’ lairs DENS
Prophets SEERS
Verne specialty SCIFI
Gem unit CARAT
Sports spot ARENA
Fellows MEN
Like surgical tools STERILE
Oscar winner Sophia LOREN
"Not — dare!" ONA
Deep in thought PENSIVE
Train pullers ENGINES
Respectable DECENT
Orange tuber YAM
Bellyached GRIPED
Took turns ROTATED
Generally ASARULE
Movie palaces CINEMAS
Inlet BAY
Think tank output IDEAS
Select group ELITE
Barber’s tool RAZOR
Some tournaments OPENS
Clamor DIN
High card ACE