Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Like some chins CLEFT
Canaanite god BAAL
Debussy work LAMER
Vodka cocktail COSMO
In check ATBAY
Like draft beer ONTAP
Bring up REAR
Allergy sign SNEEZE
Screw up ERR
Gear tooth COG
Checkers side RED
Movie poster features TAGLINES
Pirate’s take LOOT
Related AKIN
Bikini wearers’ markings TANLINES
D.C. baseballer NAT
German article DAS
Diet no-no FAT
Scarlett’s love ASHLEY
Say "aye," say VOTE
Like some online videos VIRAL
Music’s Lena HORNE
Perfect places EDENS
Spanish hero ELCID
Smutty LEWD
Year divisions WEEKS
Dinner wine CLARET
Sideways pass LATERAL
Shipping ban EMBARGO
Dread FEAR
Attempt TRY
Radius, for one BONE
Showy flower ASTER
Blow away AMAZE
Ran easily LOPED
Father’s pride SON
Strongholds CITADELS
Place to park LOT
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Operative INFORCE
Clutter hater NEATNIK
Aye opposer NAY
Spirited horses STEEDS
Belly feature NAVEL
Digression ASIDE
Pitched THREW
Hit the runway LAND
Meadow rodent VOLE
Chop down HEW