Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Billing info RATES
Clean with effort SCOUR
Martini garnish OLIVE
Neigh sayer HORSE
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Made a choice OPTED
Supplies with a grant ENDOWS
Singer Shannon DEL
Mole, for one SPY
Earth tone TAN
Take wing AVIATE
Old Italian coin LIRA
British paper LONDONTIMES
— out (got by) EKED
Packing a punch POTENT
"Sure thing!" YES
Service reward TIP
Put down LAY
Telemundo viewer LATINO
Car sticker DECAL
Reef material CORAL
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Takes in DUPES
Places last LOSES
Singer Orbison ROY
Pub staple ALE
History book figures TIMELINES
Smooth EVEN
Flamboyant SHOWY
Perp pursuers COPS
Food scrap ORT
Try out USE
Roulette bet RED
Mine, of a sort OPENPIT
Diver Tom DALEY
Summon up EVOKE
"Doctor Who" race TIMELORDS
Concert site ARENA
Mean-spirited NASTY
Tack on ADD
Tipsy LIT
In the news TOPICAL
Take it easy LAZE
Forbidden act NONO
June honoree DAD
Outback runner EMU
Pinnacle CAP
Verb for you ARE
Guitarist Paul LES