Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Baby’s place CRIB
Folder type MANILA
Doughnut feature HOLE
Like some diseases PREVENTABLE
Require defrosting ICEUP
Gasp for air PANT
Headed out LEFT
Carry on, as war WAGE
Flour merchant MILLER
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Beanie or beret CAP
Music’s Yoko ONO
Bill collector at a coffee shop TIPJAR
Tag info COST
Spotted SEEN
Quite uncommon RARE
Game piece TOKEN
Fit to go out in public PRESENTABLE
Cork’s country EIRE
Predestine ORDAIN
Cruise stop PORT
Enjoyed the lake BOATED
Band blaster AMP
Hotel feature BAR
Count starter ONE
Heavenly DIVINE
Put in office ELECT
Reasonable SANE
Wedding site CHAPEL
Hold up ROB
Under the weather ILL
Pollen collector BEE
Dutch bloom TULIP
Louvre setting PARIS
Visibly shocked AGAPE
Carpet’s place FLOOR
Past or future TENSE
Dripping WET
Ruin MAR
Nonsense ROT
Kayak’s cousin CANOE
Wealthy travelers JETSET
Calgary’s country CANADA
Fashionably dated RETRO
Door feature KNOB
Vitality PEP
2016 Olympics site RIO
Make mistakes ERR
Flying mammal BAT
Tell tales LIE
Last part END