Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Decree FIAT
Oodles ALOT
Special jargon LINGO
Ping producer SONAR
Once more AGAIN
Spouse, familiarly HUBBY
Elevator connections CABLES
Pub supply ALE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Period DOT
Nursery residents BABIES
Toil away LABOR
Minor weakness FOIBLE
Early auto REO
Caterpillars, for example LARVAE
Surrounding glow AURA
Flow out EBB
Dark-furred martens SABLES
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Fragment PIECE
Scout’s job RECON
Does book work EDITS
Loafer or pump SHOE
Lairs DENS
Barber of opera FIGARO
Shortly INABIT
Like gymnasts AGILE
Musical sound TONE
Cigar remnant ASH
Baseball’s Gehrig LOU
Ready to come home ONBASE
Restaurant fixtures TABLES
Like corsets LACED
Some whiskeys RYES
Horse homes STABLES
Clarinet’s cousin OBOE
Knight’s title SIR
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Tyler of "Armageddon" LIV
Aesop’s stories FABLES
Jerry of "Law and Order" ORBACH
Call good, as a tennis shot RULEIN
Puts up ERECTS
Caravan stops OASES
Tragic king LEAR
Tolerate ABIDE
Mimicked APED
Cow call MOO
Low digit ONE