Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Reading aid LAMP
Rope material HEMP
Ram in the sky ARIES
Very funny, in slang ARIOT
Old Testament book MICAH
Twisted fellow SICKO
Fire proof ASH
Toothed wheel RATCHET
It’s about 6,000 feet SEAMILE
Is for two ARE
Penn and Connery SEANS
Pianist Myra HESS
Caustic stuff LYE
Singer Shannon DEL
Mexican peninsula BAJA
Change smoothly MORPH
Fuss ADO
Dungeon doings TORTURE
Longoria of TV EVA
Command ORDER
Psychiatrist Alfred ADLER
Approaches NEARS
Copy for pasteup REPRO
Peeved state SNIT
"You there!" PSST
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Comes up ARISES
Dream Team member MICHAELJORDAN
Stew sphere PEA
Rashness HASTE
Rock’s Clapton ERIC
Most decorated Olympian MICHAELPHELPS
Fireplace tools POKERS
Sacred place SHRINE
Green and Gore ALS
Yucatan native MAYA
Towel word HERS
Makeshift bookmark DOGEAR
Relay stick BATON
Cherishes ADORES
Soviet space station MIR
Floats in the air HOVERS
Deck of fortunes TAROT
Garr of "Tootsie TERI
Airport schedule abbr. DEP