Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers September 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Fissure RIFT
Makes a choice OPTS
Wistful one PINER
Boggy areas MIRES
Elroy’s dog ASTRO
Tendency LEANING
Shooter ammo PEA
Bible boat ARK
In front LEADING
Depletes USESUP
Lyric poems ODES
Politician Kefauver ESTES
Bingo center space FREE
Anxiety UNEASE
In need of bailing, perhaps LEAKING
Flowed into FED
Bruin Bobby ORR
Car option LEASING
Flower feature PETAL
Baseball’s Pee Wee REESE
Sir, in India SAHIB
Yorkshire topography DALES
Titled lady DAME
Cuts off ENDS
Stair parts RISERS
Consumption INTAKE
Forest plant FERN
Cressida’s love TROILUS
Last letter OMEGA
Films, slangily PIX
Hesitant TREPID
Peaceful SERENE
Pacific island group PALAU
Antlered animals STAGS
Triton circles it NEPTUNE
Rx info DOSE
Search out SEEK
Fencing cry ENGARDE
Broadway failures FLOPS
Enjoy, as a favorite book REREAD
Singer Kitt EARTHA
Off the beaten path AFIELD
Detects SENSES
Periphery EDGES
"You don’t say!" ILLBE
Writer O’Casey SEAN
Objective AIM