Universal Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Govt. airwaves agency FCC
Sushi fish EEL
Boxing legend ALI
Musical phrase RIFF
Exotic hunting vacations SAFARIS
Hardly enough SCANT
Arm bone ULNA
Good thing for an oil spill RAG
Renews, as air FRESHENS
When a certain guy is out there just a-selling, he’s … TOMAHAWKING
Strongly say it’s so AVER
Many pins are produced on them MATS
Some fighting forces ARMIES
Color choices HUES
Suffix with "rich" or "poor" EST
Groupings of eight OCTETS
RNA component URACIL
When a certain wealthy guy is wife-hunting, he’s … RICHLOOKING
Like a flag of surrender WHITE
"Annnyway …" SOO
Lily type CALLA
You can fall back on it HEINIE
Letter receiver SENDEE
Like some foamy-mouthed dogs RABID
Double-check MAKESURE
"___ you hearing this?" ARE
Elegant garden structure with a roof GAZEBO
Plaster of Paris preparations GESSOES
Abbr. on many remotes VOL
Grape-loving sot WINO
Green, the "Witch of Wall Street" HETTY
It usually contains the altar APSE
Pinot ___ NOIR
One way to get to grade school SKIP
Italian stack blower ETNA
"Scorpion" network CBS
Scalp warmer HAT
Landing guesstimate ETA
Hangout for some animals DEN
Tears For ___ FEARS
Ride the waves SURF
Scot’s sun blocker TAM
"As You Like It" girl CELIA
Santa ___, California CLARA
They’re fertilized, in biology OVA
When a certain guy takes a lady’s coat, he puts it on a … CLIFFHANGER
Encountered for the first time MET
Regional wildlife FAUNA
Puts jam on bread SMEARS
"___ Man in Havana" OUR
No longer in the U.S.N., briefly RET
Sound from an active washing machine WHISH
Major problem CRISIS
Fastest felines CHEETAHS
Mexican snacks TACOS
Comes down in buckets RAINS
Miniature WEE
Sound boomerang ECHO
Quaffs from soda jerks MALTS
Having similar qualities AKIN
Up to, informally TIL
Clark of old Hollywood GABLE
Process coffee beans GRIND
Bratislava’s land SLOVAKIA
Campfire treat WEENIE
Moved like sap OOZED
Mr.’s towel designation HIS
"Aw" follower GEE
Foot joints ANKLES
Sight, for one SENSE
Pasty Hawaiian dish POI
When a certain guy fixes your choppers, you’ve been … BUCKTOOTHED
Thing to confess SIN
Circle a planet ORBIT
Maternally related ENATE
Measurement of work ERG
Perceive with one’s eyes ESPY
Evil one down below SATAN