Universal Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Important or powerful person BIGGUN
Edginess UNEASE
Fancy neckwear for women STOLES
TV drama series starring Tony Musante TOMA
Homeowner’s outdoor dining spot PATIO
Typos in literature ERRATA
Something a jockey grasps REIN
Cul-de-___ (neighborhood dead-ends) SACS
One of Santa’s helpers ELF
Emotion that can raise one’s blood pressure ANGER
Hawaiian tourist attraction MAUNALOA
Just scratch the surface? MAR
It’s the same squared or not ONE
Space aliens ETS
Hints at IMPLIES
One Bolivian capital SUCRE
Slender gull with a forked tail TERN
Relative term? SIS
New Mexico artist colony TAOS
A 1776 musician FIFER
Palindromic musician ONO
Shoelace end AGLET
Pollution problem SMOG
Tease GIBE
Fancy salad veggie ESCAROLE
Wife of Adam EVE
"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-___" DAH
Nymph chasers SATYRS
Confesses, in slang OWNSUP
City in Washington TACOMA
Sources of feral laughter HYENAS
Name before "over and out" ROGER
From Cardiff WELSH
Air homophone that’s a palindrome ERE
In the know about UPON
It’s all the talk in Bangkok? THAI
Some deadly snakes ASPS
The Almighty GOD
Major deterrent to teamwork EGO
"I’m open to any questions" ASK
Police incident BUST
As such PERSE
Bullets, briefly AMMO
"___ each life some rain must fall" INTO
"He’s ___ nowhere man" (Beatles) AREAL
Tandoor-baked bread of India NAAN
Equilateral triangle or rectangle, e.g. GEOMETRICFIGURE
New Testament book GALATIANS
Males MEN
Find a ___ for USE
Heavy drinker SOT
Jack and his wife of a nursery rhyme SPRATS
Place for a bird NEST
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Hawaiian keepsake LEI
Turkish VIP title AGA
Canine neighbors INCISORS
Man famously knocked out by Ali GEORGEFOREMAN
Melt, as snow DISSOLVE
Spanish "that" ESO
First letters learned ABC
Visionaries SEERS
Like many Cure fans GOTH
Citizen Kane’s real-life model Randolph HEARST
Shock or amaze AWE
One-or another link WAY
Lobster eggs ROE
Vocalization UTTERANCE
"Now class, Chile is next to Argentina," e.g. GEOGRAPHYLESSON
Eye with lustful intent OGLE
Rises dramatically SOARS
Mountain lion PUMA
Performance-based person DOER
Deli turnover KNISH
Places for sweaters SPAS