Universal Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hilo greetings ALOHAS
Tuna’s smaller relative BONITO
Still shrink-wrapped on the shelf UNUSED
Electric car maker TESLA
"Look over here" sound PSST
What little things mean ALOT
"___ be sorry!" YOULL
Shoppers’ binges SPREES
Audiophile’s purchase some decades ago HIFI
Eagerly interested AGOG
Not as substantial SLIGHTER
What anything plastic is POLYMER
Distress message SOS
Uncompromising situation? IMPASSE
Kind of chart PIE
Medical drama VIPs MDS
Strapped on the feedbag ATE
___ Beta Kappa PHI
Queen mother, e.g. DOWAGER
Swear to be true AVER
Starter for "binding" or "making" BOOK
Nine consonants? ENS
Pain in the butt, ironically HEADACHE
Champagne-opening sound POP
U2 hit ONE
Pussycat’s mate on a boat OWL
Play with Play-Doh RESHAPE
Place to muddy up SPA
Grammar topics TENSES
Broccoli or lettuce, informally VEGGIE
Really get into a plot? INHUME
Treasure highly ESTEEM
Top floor of many homes ATTIC
Common lab containers VIALS
Not needing to diet THIN
Buffalo Bill’s last name CODY
Repeated, it’s a Polynesian island BORA
Still-life pitcher EWER
Surface for some exercises MAT
What China and Mongolia do ABUT
Eliminates a debt PAYS
Metal door fasteners HASPS
Type of eagle or Ranger LONE
Hog vittles SLOP
Home made from white blocks IGLOO
Figurative albatross ONUS
Like immature grapes SOUR
Thwarts FOILS
Who went to market for the baby boy? HISLITTLEPIGGY
Col. Hannibal Smith and the boys ATEAM
Necklace of flowers LEI
"Very interesting …" HMM
Cover for a bald spot SOD
Food for baby PAP
Quieted with meds SEDATED
Come clean? BATHE
Once-___ (quick examinations) OVERS
Some common cookies OREOS
Bats’ navigational tool SONAR
Least strong WEAKEST
Take down a ___ (humble) PEG
Be a competitor VIE
Hallucinatory tab LSD
Stew morsel, sometimes PEA
Choice in roulette EVENS
Statement from a jealous, skeptical cap? HATCANTBERIGHT
Like many action-film heroes MACHO
Stick below decks STOW
Shivery fever AGUE
Garden bug APHID
Ireland, affectionately EIRE
Gin-and-tonic garnish LIME
Very small TEENY
Operation reminder SCAR
Give the appearance of SEEM