Universal Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Common deli sandwich BLT
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" kid ANI
Prison staples BARS
Baby minder SITTER
Assume to be true POSIT
Word of agreement on Sundays AMEN
Give ‘er the gas in park REV
Down answer that’s an anagram of "pesos" TWENTYTHREE
It makes waste HASTE
Trade shows, briefly EXPOS
Red blood cell deficiencies ANEMIAS
Riser in the oven YEAST
Have the flu, e.g. AIL
Outlaw hunters of the wild West POSSE
Exerciser’s woes ACHES
Down clue that could relate to poker THIRTYEIGHT
Leather variety SUEDE
Flightless Australian bird EMU
Kind of patch or pipe BRIAR
Like jugs, rabbits and basset hounds EARED
Bunch of bees, collectively SWARM
Trousers PANTS
Card distribution problem MISDEAL
"NCIS" network CBS
More uncompromising STERNER
Police officer’s club of India LATHI
"30" to editors END
Be a terrible ironer SCORCH
Type of legend or cowboy URBAN
Brief stop in the action PAUSE
Upper air, poetically ETHER
Sicilian volcano ETNA
"Don’t go!" STAY
Common forest creature DOE
Bard’s "soon" ERE
One billion years EON
Org. for tall people NBA
Blurts out a secret BLABS
Trooper’s head start? PARA
Everyday article THE
Porch, in Hawaii LANAI
Any "Animal House" frat guy OMEGA
Candle component WAX
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 1) THIRTYSEVEN
Psychic letters ESP
Large ale holder STEIN
Rough shed LEANTO
Bit of butter PAT
Chow down EAT
Many Middle Eastern people SEMITES
Yellow-orange colors OCHERS
In a very active way BUSILY
Carpenter’s wedge SHIM
Mother ___ (famous nun) TERESA
1/6 of an ounce (abbr.) TSP
Plasmalike fluid SERUM
Word with "first" or "foreign" AID
Unstressed vowel SCHWA
World record suffix EST
Tel Aviv’s country ISRAEL
Type of muffin BRAN
"Day" or year "header" YESTER
Defend, as one’s rights ASSERT
Turned topsy-turvy UPENDED
"… and so on" ETC
Ambulance ltrs. EMS
Certain West Coast NFL pro RAIDER
Culture of an era ETHOS
Pesky thing BUG
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 2) ANDTHIRTEEN
Bit of fire residue ASH
Western movie director Sergio LEONE
Chocolate alternative CAROB
"Nothing but ___" (swish!) NET
Position of Hitchcock’s window REAR
Aardwolf’s kin HYENA