Universal Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Mamas’ counterparts PAPAS
Freeze, as glass ICEUP
Greek letter after eta THETA
Rookie TYRO
Very big beer glass SCHOONER
Aid for heavy sleepers ALARM
Bizarre OUTRE
Pinball error TILT
TV studio sign ONAIR
Extreme stinginess PARSIMONY
Movie director Lee ANG
Last section of the dictionary ZEE
Direct paths BEELINES
Tax pro, briefly CPA
Dove call COO
Eat beyond one’s fill GORGE
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Bit of bridal wear VEIL
"That tastes terrible!" UGH
Socially goofy one DWEEB
Chicago airport OHARE
Whirling dance movements GYRATIONS
Brief literary description VIGNETTE
Schedule board abbreviation, at 33-Down ETA
Old Italian currency LIRA
It comes right before 12-Down WYE
Billy Bob of movies THORNTON
Extremely long time period EON
Pet treater VET
Give access to ADMIT
Render weaponless UNARM
Sign of late summer VIRGO
Cause of a rude awakening? SNORE
It may be aimed at a pail at 5 a.m. UDDER
States of mind MOODS
Word in old wedding vows OBEY
Carve into glass ETCH
Rooster’s partner HEN
Kind of strap BRA
Hollywood’s Brad PITT
___ Paulo SAO
Dark orange-yellow gemstone TOPAZ
Like a "breaky heart" of song ACHY
Sandwich type CLUB
Beyond silly INANE
Colleague PEER
Intense dislike HATE
Big relative? LARGE
Don’t quote me on that (Part 1) AUTOCORRECTIS
Fashionable hotel offering SPA
Grapefruit relative POMELO
Latvian capital RIGA
Vehicle that gets you moving VAN
Note from a busted card player IOU
Group of wise guys? MOB
Venetian official, once DOGE
Tied on the scoreboard EVEN
Denzel Washington/Matthew Broderick movie GLORY
Don’t quote me on that (Part 2) WHYIWRITETHINGS
Before the rest of the crowd arrives EARLY
Serious cut GASH
Some whiskeys RYES
Vietnam or postwar America, historically ERA
Poetic evening EEN
What avis lay OVA
Stage that may require debugging BETA
Hors d’___ (appetizer) OEUVRE
Bottom-line figure SUM
Don’t quote me on that (Part 3) IDONTNINTENDO
Weapon of mass destruction HBOMB
Like unripe apples TART
Well-___ (rich) TODO
"Sesame Street" character ERNIE
Word with "cogito" and 56-Across ERGO
Street ___ (gritty reputation, in slang) CRED
Bad-tempered and then some NASTY
Calendar abbr. MON
Vanity plate in a two-car garage, perhaps HERS