Universal Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Leaves with an addiction? COCA
On the highest point of ATOP
Make one slap one’s forehead STUN
Unable to hold water HOLEY
"___! Open up, now!" FBI
Diminutive suffix LET
Jessica with The Honest Company ALBA
West Point tyro PLEBE
Israel natives SABRAS
Unavoidable choice EITHEROR
Composer Nino of "The Godfather" ROTA
Agenda thing ITEM
Daytona participant CAR
Miss in distress? DAMSEL
A major direction EAST
Refrigerated COLD
Visual leader? AUDIO
Anything valuable ASSET
"Gandhi" character NEHRU
Flip ___ (test fate) ACOIN
Counter in a debate REBUT
Hanging open AGAPE
Nosy Parker with a crowbar? PRIER
Rushlike plant growing in wet places SEDGE
Haul back to the garage once more RETOW
Form the base for UNDERLIE
Namer of the animals in Genesis ADAM
Food for livestock FODDER
It may have a dirty fork in it ROAD
Smithy staples ANVILS
Type of ’60s protest SITIN
Something a bull will do SNORT
Not quite stereo MONO
Face-saving loopholes OUTS
Monastery resident ABBE
Sincere flatterer? APER
Relinquish legally CEDE
Homer’s classic locale TROY
Part of WWI WAR
Peacock-tail spot EYE
It’s as low as two in miniature golf PAR
Charge alternative CASH
Airplane wing features FLAPS
Musician Clapton ERIC
Historical von Bismarck OTTO
"Twilight" heroine BELLA
Minute particle IOTA
Question from an insecure artist? COULDITBEBETTER
Sleeper’s breathing problem APNEA
Genesis name that’s also presidential ABRAHAM
Gym org. that’s also a classic disco hit YMCA
Military order (with "at") EASE
Santa ___ winds ANA
Definitely not sweet SOUR
Features of some cocktail dresses STRAPS
Not as dry as brut SEC
Village wise one, often ELDER
Brutish creature of folklore OGRE
Question from an insecure amusement park rider? SHOULDIBEAFRAID
Word with "go bragh" ERIN
Surpass, performance-wise OUTDO
Hard, precise throw, in baseball PEG
Arctic expanse TUNDRA
Former tadpole TOAD
"Able was I ___ I saw … " ERE
Essentially forever EONS
Wartime threats (abbr.) WMDS
Part of the Czech Republic MORAVIA
Sign into law ENACT
Question from an insecure prude? WOULDITBEPROPER
Prefix with "matter" or "skid" ANTI
Tripoli’s country LIBYA
Give a facelift to REDO
Blush shade, sometimes ROSE
Scornful look SNEER
Lowly domino TREY