Universal Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hauls a car TOWS
Sometimes spectacular opera feature ARIA
Umpire’s "Out!" or "Safe!" CALL
"___ all be over soon" ITLL
Mortise complement TENON
Took a bit of a rest, in a way SAT
Fruit drink in grocery stores HIC
Build a fire under AROUSE
"Battle ___ of the Republic" HYMN
Explorer Sebastian CABOT
Egg-making organ OVARY
Not out of town LOCAL
Place to have a spat ANKLE
"I ___ you one" OWE
Abbr. on ambulances EMS
Narrow strip of land jutting into the ocean SPIT
Breathing tube TRACHEA
Narcotic Polynesian drink KAVA
Like much tea ICED
Beaver Cleaver’s father WARD
Charming country scene (var.) IDYL
Mama’s mate, often PAPA
Farm female EWE
"Driving ___ Daisy" MISS
Headed up LED
Snooty one PRIG
Not even close to land ASEA
Kind of analysis COST
Poker pay-in ANTE
Burlap source HEMP
English dessert TRIFLE
"What she said" DITTO
Wedding helper USHER
Pigtail TRESS
Major division of a long poem CANTO
All guys HES
"… for what ___ worth" ITS
Go down with the ship and stay down DROWN
Come into view threateningly LOOM
Taj Mahal place AGRA
I of "I am here," e.g. NOUN
Didi of "Grease" CONN
Irritable and touchy EDGY
Ambition AIM
Fish delicacy ROE
Implied TACIT
Old Iranian leader SHAH
Carbonated drink COLA
Give a windy speech ORATE
Delicate and breezy AIRY
Bard of ___ (Shakespeare) AVON
Never let your mind wander for fear that it … WILLNOTCOMEBACK
Unhealthy looking SALLOW
Ethically lacking UNMORAL
Avian retreats NESTS
Manner of writing STYLE
Fuzzy brown fruit KIWI
Get ready for OR work PREP
The scholarly world ACADEMIA
Camel-like creature ALPACA
Marrying a spell-caster for her money will only get you a … VERYWITCHPERSON
Confounds ADDLES
Most intoxicating HEADIEST
Cherry throwaway STEM
Airport section GATE
Kind of uncle or treat DUTCH
Word with "fire" or "transmit" RAPID
Native of Nazareth ISRAELI
Channeler’s state TRANCE
If you plan on living forever and are reading this … THENSOFARSOGOOD
Grab bag OLIO
Twisted dry, as laundry WRUNG
Phrase of estimation ORSO
Child’s enthusiastic but selfish shout MEME
Child minder NANNY