Universal Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Clothing GARB
"La Boheme" solo ARIA
Pitch without throwing SELL
Fashionable London street PALLMALL
Some Toyotas SCIONS
Snacks in shells TACOS
Japanese cartoon film style ANIME
___ the line (obeyed) TOED
Lyric repeated after "Que" SERA
Frigid-weather vehicle SNOCAT
Jeans brand LEVIS
"___ we all?" ARENT
Cymbals’ bigger kin GONGS
Sunlight unit RAY
Jotted down NOTED
"Additionally" ALSO
Pump in the basement SUMP
Thin wooden strip SLAT
Hunks’ assets BODS
Deplete (with "up") USE
Artist Joan MIRO
The loneliest number ONE
Onion relative LEEK
Small bit of land ISLE
Whispered attention-getter PSST
Hilo patio LANAI
Cambridge school (abbr.) MIT
V formation, in clothing NECKLINE
Have the right combination? UNLOCK
Spoofs or pranks PUTONS
Yoko of the avant-garde ONO
In the process of happening AFOOT
Dreadlocked Jamaican, often RASTA
Island of immigrants’ arrivals, once ELLIS
What he says goes SIMON
Work pizza dough KNEAD
TV show with Jennifer Esposito NCIS
Child’s play? GAME
More than a hero IDOL
Tidings NEWS
What the good life is full of EASE
Stuff on baseball cards STATS
Steel mill residue SLAG
Calling "code" AREA
Birchbark floater CANOE
Emperor and son of Claudius NERO
Small stream RILL
More slippery ICIER
You’ll find one at a pizzeria OVEN
Activity at a gala, sometimes BALLROOMDANCING
Clerical home MANSE
Kilns stuffed with hops OASTS
Tests one’s metal? ASSAYS
Rifle part BUTT
Break in the action LULL
Friend of Squirrel, in cartoons MOOSE
Type of service from the sassy LIP
Feature of petty people SMALLMINDEDNESS
Make a choice OPT
Buenos ___ AIRES
Snakelike fishes EELS
King James preposition UNTO
Type of knife POCKET
Place for NBA hoops ARENA
It’s a real stinker SKUNK
Doing as the others do FALLINGINTOLINE
Norway’s main port OSLO
Famous actor’s walk-on role CAMEO
Brainstorm result IDEA
Ear-related OTIC
"So why on Earth should ___" ("A Hard Day’s Night" lyric) IMOAN
Start for "as good a time as any" NOWS
Chore TASK
Puts out for delivery SENDS
Nothing-matters link ELSE