Universal Crossword Answers April 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Droopy cheek JOWL
Part of an opera ARIA
Good chums PALS
Sr. compared to Jr. ELDER
Neckpiece of Hawaii LEI
Blade making waves OAR
All hands on deck? CREW
Say stuff UTTER
Grew like a weed SHOTUP
Property tax estimator ASSESSOR
Formal response to "Shall we?" LETS
Mine bonanzas ORES
Auction finale? EER
Tutti-___ FRUTTI
O’Neill classic, "___ Christie" ANNA
Save socks, in a way DARN
Sediment at the bottom DREGS
Short moral story FABLE
Lose tautness DROOP
Friend in Mexico AMIGO
Puts in hock PAWNS
Plant fiber used in rope-making SISAL
Escape capture from ELUDE
Church council SYNOD
Say "Nyah, nyah" to, e.g. TAUNT
Manner of marching in file LOCKSTEP
Skier’s lifting aid TBAR
Detects at a distance ESPIES
Opposite of love HATE
Nighttime noise-maker SNORER
Waste away from weather ERODE
Fence openings GATES
Sofer of the soaps RENA
Patronizes a diner EATS
"How can I ___ thank you?" EVER
Not imagined REAL
Apollo organization NASA
Duck variety SMEW
"Hee ___" HAW
Aussie bird with a powerful kick EMU
Palindromic Bobbsey NAN
Make fun of playfully JAPE
Scene of any event LOCUS
___ vera ALOE
Type of exam ORAL
Our planet EARTH
Withered from heat SERE
Sci-fi beam LASER
Water feature? WETNESS
"Ant-Man" star Paul RUDD
Hightails it RUNS
Rx overseer FDA
Canvas over the infield TARP
Declines to participate PASSES
Elbow locale ARM
Halloween option TREAT
Like a mechanic’s hands, sometimes OILY
Company emblem LOGO
Pointedly avoids SNUBS
Goings-on, old-style ADO
Period pieces? EPOCHS
Beatnik’s applause SNAP
Certainly wasn’t a follower LED
Movie "Citizen" KANE
Class with the old joke, "What’s your sine?" TRIG
Refurbish RESTORE
Works for, as a living EARNS
Three hot things HEATEROVENSTEAM
Large pot supported with several hands ANTE
Swelling, in botany EDEMA
Adeptness EASE
Winged stinger WASP
TV program you saw before RERUN
Shredded cabbage side dish SLAW