Universal Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Throw TOSS
Type of sax ALTO
Table expander LEAF
Rain on one’s parade? CONFETTI
Persona non ___ GRATA
Writer Fannie HURST
"Just ___ water" ADD
Bird beaks NEBS
Geometric calculation AREA
Starts a volley SERVES
Mythical king of Thebes CREON
Put on the radio AIRED
Painter’s plaster GESSO
Have a meal DINE
Acid neutralizing base ALKALI
Sincere or solemn EARNEST
Lugosi of classic horror BELA
Statutes LAWS
Amazing accomplishment FEAT
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
River bank deposit SILT
"Kick" attachment SIDE
Any day now, to a bard ANON
Fairy-tale baddie OGRE
Circumvented or dodged EVADED
Keyboard compositions TOCCATAS
Former Disney leader Michael EISNER
Takes a load off SITS
Make usable again, as machinery REFIT
Sprang to one’s feet AROSE
Zahn or Abdul PAULA
Shaped like Humpty Dumpty OVOID
Some Maine trees PINES
Woodworking file RASP
Celestial twinkler STAR
Pre-stereo MONO
Division word INTO
Tree house, of sorts NEST
Words that unite a couple IDO
Softest mineral TALC
West African republic GHANA
Slang term for heroin SCAG
Artificial yellow spread OLEO
More ill-mannered RUDER
"Fifteen Miles on the ___ Canal" ERIE
Party leaders made from norm and attachments to pall? STANDARDBEARERS
Undersides of overhangs SOFFITS
Gunfire outbursts SALVOES
Maternally related ENATE
Japanese fencing KENDO
Midler of Hollywood BETTE
A’s, in military code ALFAS
Interstate escape EXIT
Acre’s country ISRAEL
___ Tome (African island) SAO
Queen’s attendants LADIESINWAITING
Adams of Hollywood AMY
Most despicable VILEST
Skunk’s defense ODOR
Bridge positions EASTS
Embarrassing public display SCENE
Word with "fire" or "transit" RAPID
It’s up for discussion TOPIC
Pencil attachments ERASERS
Dietary supplement VITAMIN
Inscribed thing made from a basis-pebble? FOUNDATIONSTONE
Any of the Antilles ISLE
___ Hawkins Dance SADIE
Picnic-invading pests ANTS
Glum drop? TEAR
Elbows or cattle zappers PRODS
Chimney buildup SOOT