Universal Crossword Answers August 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Winter attire COAT
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Author Roald DAHL
Draw out or call forth ELICIT
Pastor kin, briefly REV
Number for the best ONE
Strong smell ODOR
Copy machine requirement TONER
Many Scandinavians SWEDES
Computing speed unit GIGAFLOP
Desktop image ICON
Necklace part, often BEAD
"Asi ___ Vida" ("That’s Life") Ricky Martin song ESLA
Former Portuguese currency ESCUDO
Plan detail SPEC
Eye covering? BROW
Brainy group MENSA
Like kings and queens ROYAL
Sports venue ARENA
Animal skins PELTS
From the Netherlands DUTCH
Broadcast again, as a classic film RERAN
Looped crosses ANKHS
Large carrying bags TOTES
Long lists LITANIES
Noted flood survivor NOAH
Sign up ENROLL
Brio or dash ELAN
Certain Los Angeles pro DODGER
Academic TWEEDY
Giggle sound TEHEE
Turns to the right on horseback GEES
Like pink steak RARE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Certain SURE
Blunt sword EPEE
Be a successful merchant SELL
Start for "night" or "day" MID
Former Turkish title BEY
Create software CODE
Plant parts ROOTS
Mocking remark GIBE
Verbal ORAL
Seals, as a victory ICES
Accomplish singles objective= ACHIEVEONESGOAL
Some powders TALCS
Himalayan tree-dweller REDPANDA
Weapon stored in a silo ICBM
Atoll protector REEF
Taken from Earth to heaven RAPTURED
Eyeball covering SCLERA
Miner’s rock ORE
Breakfast treat DONUT
Kitchen hotspot OVEN
Cowardly pebble find a spot= YELLOWSTONEPARK
Prefix with "climactic" ANTI
Take advantage of, as an offer ACTON
"La-di-___!" DAH
Hung in there until the end LASTED
Brings encouragement to HEARTENS
Words after "Thanks" ALOT
Display SHOW
Small bombs GRENADES
Onion relatives LEEKS
Noshing meek common dessert= EATINGHUMBLEPIE
Marine eagle ERNE
Kind of silence EERIE
Big-time PC maker DELL
Huge waterways SEAS
Tall and lean REEDY
Talk loudly YELL