Universal Crossword Answers August 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Surprised sounds OHS
"La-la" starter OOH
Bovine remark MOO
Put into words PHRASED
"Mad" tea-party host HATTER
Unexpected benefits BOONS
Top spot ACME
Sunbather’s desire TAN
Way to get a word in EDGEWISE
Florida State’s city TALLAHASSEE
Stand by AWAIT
Lip shiner GLOSS
Simple beds COTS
Grant permission to LET
Parts of grinding teeth CUSPS
Common Irish surname OSHEA
Like a puffin compared to a pelican SHORTBILLED
Fill to the max, as one’s gut SATE
Strange WEIRD
Cleaning cloths RAGS
Lemon producer TREE
One-on-one swordfights DUELS
Passed out at a table? DEALT
Sailor’s guiding light POLESTAR
What villains are EVIL
Under debate ATISSUE
VA. winter hrs. EST
Lion’s sound ROAR
Absorbed or captivated ENRAPT
Office accessory CHAIR
Split in two HALVE
Commenced BEGUN
Response to a charge, in court PLEA
Noisy bother, to Shakespeare ADO
Place of rejuvenation SPA
Cute as a bug’s ___ EAR
On the ___ (secretly) SLY
Moisten, as a roast BASTE
Kids’ game TAG
Disorderly outburst HOOHA
Ennead minus one OCTAD
Hole-maker AWL
Character flaw SHORTCOMING
___-Tzu (Chinese philosopher) LAO
Amends maker ATONER
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Mollycoddles or babies COSSETS
Perspires SWEATS
Some theater employees USHERS
Ghostly specter WRAITH
Not barefoot SHOD
Udders TEATS
Combine ADD
For each PER
Innermost orbital point PERIGEE
Go after in court SUE
Got off one’s feet SAT
Sign-offs from cabs? OVERS
On the briny ASEA
Proved otherwise BELIED
Pass a story along RETELL
Sculptor’s tool CHISEL
Most skeletal BONIEST
Stops or discontinues HALTS
Fishing equipment of old SPEARS
Everyone ALL
Among which weeds can hide TALLGRASSES
"___ been thinking …" IVE
"Au revoir!" ADIEU
Pertaining to an insect stage PUPAL
Type of wine RED
Like Caesar ROMAN
Starting to weep TEARY