Universal Crossword Answers August 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Easy to manage, as a pet DOCILE
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Probing one DELVER
Shoe part SOLE
"Quality is job one," for one MOTTO
Monkey business ANTICS
Security for a huge debt LIEN
Chinese gang TONG
Boric acid target ANT
Intentionally apart or cool ALOOF
Padres’ town SANDIEGO
"Tsk!" TUT
Courtroom affirmation IDO
"What’s more …" AND
Layer of frozen water ICEFLOE
Legal right DROIT
Innocent newbie NAIF
"And what have you" ETC
100,000 rupees LAKH
Perfume the air, in a way CENSE
Play division ACT
Urge forward IMPEL
For deposit ___ ONLY
Word before "pittance" MERE
Harshness of tone ASPERITY
Poetic nightfall EEN
Like Rocky Balboa’s eggs RAW
Brunei’s locale BORNEO
It’s well-worn ATTIRE
Roast item WEENIE
It can take you higher LADDER
They adorn barn roofs VANES
Fenway Park levels TIERS
Block makers (abbr.) STS
Greek letter or a minute bit IOTA
Cadet’s course, for short ROTC
"I’ll second that," in church AMEN
Like a fairy-tale wolf BAD
Genetic inits. RNA
Young child TOT
Failed firecrackers DUDS
Island near Sicily MALTA
Famed wine region ASTI
Cookie with three vowels OREO
Spanish or Bermuda veggie ONION
Glorify or heap praise on LAUD
Emulating Thomas Edison INVENTING
North Atlantic fish COD
Get in a prone position LIE
Medico DOC
Give meaning to, as a word DEFINE
Husband of a countess EARL
Winter neck warmer SCARF
Polish off EAT
Legendary boxer ALI
Relating to the environment ECOLOGIC
Uses Play-Doh RESHAPES
"Aviv" opener TEL
Dada co-founder ARP
Huge star in Cygnus DENEB
Two-masted sailboat YAWL
Beetle that eats cotton WEEVIL
Tense times in the NFL OTS
Coffee alternative TEA
Operated RAN
Rubbed the wrong way IRRITATED
Poker pot component ANTE
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Canal of New York ERIE
They can turn into weeks DAYS
Some Mexican munchies TACOS
"… and ___ the twain shall …" NEER