Universal Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Free of RID
Historical period ERA
Writing implement PEN
Aspiring doctors INTERNS
Came closer to NEARED
Goody two-shoes PRISS
Loaf about LAZE
Enthusiastic AVID
Japanese currency YEN
Zambian neighbors ANGOLANS
Mr. Boone calls egging his neighbor’s house … DANDALIZING
Euphoric way to walk ONAIR
Not forthcoming CAGEY
Feisty verbal comebacks SASS
Floral neckwear LEI
Prevent the occurrence of AVERT
More critical or pressing DIRER
On Halloween, Mr. Boone enjoys eating… DANDYAPPLES
Hill of Loch Lomond BRAE
Judo shops DOJOS
God of love EROS
Bendable joint KNEE
Heavy British weight TONNE
Beans rich in proteins (var.) SOYAS
"The ___ Book" (Medieval land survey) DOMESDAY
Like a desert ARID
Fertilizer source PEATBOG
Home of Christ the Redeemer, briefly RIO
Bridal shop offering VEIL
Not of sound mind INSANE
Dazzling success ECLAT
Goatlike antelope SAIGA
Some facial beauty marks MOLES
Unpleasant responsibility ONUS
Quick nosh BITE
Valuable heart ACE
Prior to, of old poetry ERE
Donkey or burro relative ASS
Table tennis obstacle NET
Attach again, as a brooch REPIN
Beach, in Baja PLAYA
One of the Seven Dwarfs DOC
Cara famous for "Fame" IRENE
Bird that said "Nevermore" RAVEN
Literary collection ANA
When Mr. Boone daydreams, he is … DANTASIZING
Old horse NAG
Deleted ERASED
Nostalgic tune OLDIE
Numbers for a home ADDRESS
Hard to see clearly BLEARY
Delicious dishes VIANDS
Jump the tracks DERAIL
Endings for "West" ERNS
Imam’s holy book KORAN
"___ complicated" ITS
Stop color RED
The stringed instruments Mr. Boone plays are … DANJOES
Animal park ZOO
Give it a go TRY
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Like many air fresheners PINY
Some military groups ARMIES
Home of a famous boys choir VIENNA
Glimpsed ESPIED
Households MENAGES
Mafia heads CAPOS
Member of a wind quartet OBOIST
Description for Abner LIL
Mr. Boone’s favorite ice cream flavor is… DANILLABEAN
Get older AGE
Like some angles ACUTE
Oslo native NORSE
"___ in turkey" (elementary lesson) TAS
Words of acceptance YESES
Cast off from one’s body EGEST