Universal Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Some undergraduate degrees BAS
Easy as 1-2-3 ABC
The Heat’s org. NBA
Type of drum KETTLE
Cattle group HERD
Niagara River source ERIE
Didn’t lose WON
More likely to cause controversy EDGIER
Clean fish, in a way DESCALE
Sown over a wide area BROADCASTED
Reddening makeup ROUGE
Played one’s part ACTED
Put emphasis on STRESS
Brownish pigments EARTHS
"Fear of Flying" author Jong ERICA
Twitch or tic SPASM
Lily variety CALLA
Distributions according to a plan ALLOCATIONS
Tower in the Bible BABEL
Spiritual mentors GURUS
Captured, as cattle ROPED
Portion SHARE
Active start? HYPER
Carb-rich Italian fare PASTA
Type of staircase SPIRAL
Lynx, e.g. WILDCAT
Answer testily SNAPAT
Pitcher’s foe HITTER
Cheap cigar STOGY
Sesame Street regular ERNIE
Breezed through, as a test ACED
How some things are noted DULY
Get ___ of (discard) RID
CPA’s recommendation IRA
Imaginary monster ORC
Thumbs-down verbal vote NAY
It’s loaded with money BANK
Lingerie item BRA
Some French clergymen ABBES
Gradually decay ERODE
"Arabian Nights" creature ROC
Things dispersed haphazardly SCATTERINGS
Not in OUT
Cold geologic period ICEAGE
Climber SCALER
With whiskers BEARDED
Least tanned PALEST
Vampire’s bane GARLIC
Opposite of none ALL
Part of a hedge SHRUB
Currency for an online buyer ECASH
Dinner for a sow SLOP
Things that need healing SORES
Like a used fire pit ASHY
Tropical talking bird MACAW
Destroys, as books PULPS
Faucet TAP
Parenthetical comments ASIDES
Belong naturally INHERE
Colonized SETTLED
Las Vegas football player RAIDER
Many musical chords TRIADS
Adjust ADAPT
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Number representing total magazines sold CIRCULATION
Card game or tonic complement GIN
"Little Mermaid" of film ARIEL
Word with "firma" TERRA
Hoped-for proposal word YES
Type of bear TEDDY
Titillating RACY