Universal Crossword Answers August 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Italian wine region ASTI
With a sassy mouth PERT
Moving like a snail SLOW
Legendary city of gold ELDORADO
Major blood vessels AORTAS
Some picnic or diner sides SLAWS
Wine variety PINOT
Attachment to "where" or "for" EVER
What city dumps do REEK
Thing next to a snare TOMTOM
Word that’s bee-fitting? APIAN
Ball beauty BELLE
Admonish SCOLD
Right this minute NOW
Color of an October sky AZURE
Goody-goody PRIG
Davenport SOFA
"Airplane!" star Robert HAYS
Required bet in poker ANTE
Civil War soldier REB
Heavy-headed hammer MAUL
Endings with "shoo" or "trade" INS
List-shortening abbr. ETAL
Legendary dancer Kelly GENE
Foreshadowing sign OMEN
First husband of Bathsheba URIAH
Murmur fondly COO
Pithy saying APOTHEGM
Broad panoramas VISTAS
Certain pitch SINKER
Nitro’s explosive relative TNT
Damascus locale SYRIA
Office suck-up TOADY
Kashmir currency RUPEE
Admiral’s charge FLEET
"Clothes make the man," e.g. ADAGE
Norse capital OSLO
Landlord’s moneymaker UNIT
Buckshot and spitballs, briefly AMMO
Cosmetics container VIAL
Marine eagle ERNE
Church recess APSE
By order of ASPER
Folder extensions TABS
Successfully find a buyer SELL
Greenish hue OLIVE
Energy cartel, in brief OPEC
Beat a path TROD
Hindu princess (var.) RANEE
"Venus de ___" MILO
A machine is officially dead when … ITWONTWORKATALL
Tribute with cutting humor ROAST
Divided into districts, e.g. ZONED
Old-fashioned expressions of contempt PSHAWS
Jack-in-the-pulpit family ARUM
Street in the country ROAD
Worker in a shaft MINER
Id’s complement EGO
You might want to join your competition … IFYOUCANTBEATEM
Fuel GAS
Stir from sleep ROUSE
Glass framer PANE
Stringed instrument VIOL
Narrow groove STRIA
Pass out FAINT
It’s not good to have done something … YOUSHOULDNTHAVE
Hanging on every word RAPT
Emulate a cat burglar SNEAK
Eastern potentate EMIR
Brainchild IDEA
Feudal vassal or lord LIEGE
Crime-fighting Fed GMAN
Ensign’s positive answers AYES
Furry aquatic mammal OTTER
Whacked arcade critter MOLE