Universal Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tide type EBB
In the manner of ALA
"___ folly to be wise" TIS
Limerick-to-Dublin direction ENE
Fair awards RIBBONS
Light lunch SALAD
"Stop right there!" HALT
Gremlin maker, once AMC
Old TV co. RCA
Most inane and silly DOPIEST
Old home of the New York Giants POLOGROUNDS
Light semitransparent fabric VOILE
Strategic board game CHESS
Bushels and heaps ALOT
Modern kind of fingerprint DNA
Black Sea bungalow DACHA
"Lend ___" ("Listen up!") ANEAR
Places for many drivers GOLFCOURSES
Become limp, as celery WILT
Pirate’s exclamation AARGH
Flashed two-finger signs VEES
Discontinue CEASE
Unruly kids BRATS
Magazine copy ISSUE
Like fizzless soda FLAT
Dish lister MENU
Frank the crooner SINATRA
Some brunch cocktails MIMOSAS
Epitome of easiness PIE
Soaks WETS
Comedic sketches SKITS
Hebrew letters QOPHS
Cloud-nine state BLISS
Poker chip, sometimes ANTE
365 billion days EON
Yes gesture NOD
What a deep thinker might mumble HMM
Asian tie OBI
90-degree shape ELL
Behold SEE
Restaurant supporter EATER
Pot fragment SHARD
Pipe type PVC
Russian pancakes BLINI
Car repair chain AAMCO
"Aah!" go-with OOH
Sunshade in the outfield BASEBALLCAP
Become prone LIE
Bleat BLAT
Megastars, to adoring fans IDOLS
Blondie’s husband DAGWOOD
Exacts satisfaction AVENGES
Consecrate ANOINT
Type of 6-Down CAESAR
Biological building blocks CELLS
Round, flattish cap BERET
Furnace fuel OIL
Sword handle HAFT
Kills, in video gaming FRAGS
Artists’ inspiration MUSE
Type of welder ARC
Not just trim, as prices SLASH
Brainy group MENSA
Type of narcotic OPIATE
Bring to a conclusion WINDUP
Tries to see in bright light SQUINTS
Discombobulates BEMUSES
Split country KOREA
Lowest female voice ALTO
Tape speed abbr. IPS
Things worn at Wimbledon TENNISSHOES
Common article THE
Genealogy ROOTS
Walk easily AMBLE
‘S’lithery ‘s’nake ‘s’ound SSS
Much of Chile ANDES