Universal Crossword Answers August 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Itsy-___ BITSY
Concepts IDEAS
Barbie’s residence DOLLHOUSE
Chicago train ELL
Eye part UVEA
Like freshly cut grass MOWN
Pilot’s announcement ETA
Ruckus NOISE
Confess to something OWNUP
Intense anger RAGE
Type of circle or peace INNER
Hit the bottle and then some TOPE
Another eye part RETINA
Not pro ANTI
Brilliant nightlight STAR
Professes firmly AVERS
Locale SITE
Hotel amenity SPA
Emulate a kangaroo HOP
Claim to be true AVOW
Consequences AFTERMATH
Number for an ATM PIN
Old "His Master’s Voice" co. RCA
Like a finished road TARRED
Likewise, in a footnote IDEM
Greek cheese FETA
Capital of Switzerland (var.) BERNE
Many things in history books FIRSTS
Quickly, in memos ASAP
Fancy shoulder wrap STOLE
Respite PAUSE
One-seeded fruit DRUPE
Hong Kong neighbor MACAU
Fail to save SPEND
Erupt SPEW
Ocean movement TIDE
"Dukes of Hazzard" policeman ENOS
Warm month MAY
Suffix for the best EST
___ one’s time (wait) BIDE
Froth on the sea SPUME
"Neither" partner NOR
Tribal fetish IDOL
Turning point PIVOT
"The Corn State" IOWA
Two SIGNS that make an omen TELLTALEWARNING
Erie Canal mule of song SAL
Continental divider OCEAN
Follow in sequence ENSUE
Features of forks in the road and slingshots YSHAPES
Sharply sloped STEEP
Singles ONES
No longer dormant ASTIR
Not open SHUT
Relating to birds AVIAN
Financing abbr. APR
Two SIGNS that make rush hour tolerable POSITIVETRAFFIC
Jungle beast APE
Have affection for ADORE
Italy’s volcano ETNA
Makes coffee BREWS
Destiny FATE
Type of whale SPERM
Renders weaponless DISARMS
Have one’s eyes fixed? STARE
Word before "firma" TERRA
Navigation tool MAP
Three SIGNS that make British money dangerous POUNDMINUSPEACE
Otherwise ELSE
Take on ADOPT
"The Man" of baseball STAN
Quite small WEE
Encouraging words YESES
Sound of a dull landing THUD