Universal Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Religious offshoot SECT
Certain woodwind OBOE
Cut, as grass MOWN
"Bon appetit!" ENJOY
Common cyst WEN
"Present!" to a Cockney ERE
One of the animated Simpsons LISA
Does a grocery checkout chore SCANS
Big city in Cuba HAVANA
Cheesy Dutch import EDAM
Apparel, old-school TOGS
Beer variety ALE
Keynote deliverer ORATOR
Prepare a crossword for publishing EDIT
Powerful shark MAKO
Buss relative SMACK
Man with the golden touch MIDAS
Ratify ADOPT
Stuff in copy machines TONER
Wanda of TV and film SYKES
" " pole ANODE
Doesn’t leave STAYS
Large bags TOTES
Turntable needles STYLI
First vehicle for many TRICYCLE
Be in charge of, as a committee HEAD
Sport played with mallets POLO
Long periods of hitlessness SLUMPS
Ant, if you’re fancy EMMET
Place to see the Ice Capades ARENA
Prefix with "dynamics" AERO
Fastener for a windbreaker SNAP
Not needing a commitment? SANE
"… feel like ___ man" ANEW
Lead role actress STAR
Lay eyes on from a distance ESPY
Bearer of bricks HOD
Computer co. NCR
Scouting unit DEN
A few SOME
Language of Cardiff WELSH
Greek cheese FETA
Black, in romantic poetry EBON
Susan Lucci’s soap role ERICA
"American ___" (singing competition) IDOL
Where farmers check their stocks? COWJONESAVERAGE
Choir voice TENOR
Wreaths of old ANADEMS
Thanksgiving staples YAMS
Scissors sound effect SNIP
Gym floor covering MAT
Scottish hats TAMS
"About time!" ATLAST
Wedding words IDO
Rubber-stamps OKAYS
"Do ___ others …" UNTO
Farmer’s "Keep things the way they are"? DONTROCKTHEGOAT
Copycat APER
2000 presidential candidate Alan KEYES
Color changer DYE
Removes, as a coat of paint STRIPS
Thin piece of wood SLAT
Suffix with "count" ESS
Kenneth of fashion COLE
Brainstorming result IDEA
Havens or sanctuaries ASYLUMS
Delete ERASE
10 laws handed down in the coop? HENCOMMANDMENTS
Type of presentation or surgeon ORAL
1/100th of a pound PENCE
Tide variety NEAP
Ignoramus DOPE
Harsh or rigid STERN
Twisted to one side AWRY