Universal Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
June Cleaver’s TV husband WARD
Cookie brand OREO
Enormous mythical birds ROCS
Apply jelly SMEAR
Sensual dances TANGOS
Start for "night" or "wife" MID
Benet and Idle ERICS
Letters on a shuttle NASA
Quite naked UNCLAD
Periodical White House address? GOV
Rocky prominence ARETE
Many make nothing ZEROS
Up till now ASYET
Brewing aid TEAPOT
Army critters? OCTOPI
To be specific NAMELY
Wedded state? BLISS
Mouth off SASS
Burn soother ALOE
Sunrise time DAWN
Committable? INSANE
Put on display SHOWN
Tap offering ALE
Soonish, old-style ANON
Detective Wolfe NERO
Was in the red OWED
Having less rainfall ARIDER
Play postscript (var.) EPILOG
Simple shack LEANTO
Calendar models PINUPS
Areas around altars BEMAS
Sierra ___, Africa LEONE
More advanced in years OLDER
Accra’s country GHANA
Term of affection DEARY
Hoofbeat CLOP
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Lucy’s hubby DESI
Floating on the briny ASEA
Palindrome in the pasture EWE
Nothing in Nottingham NIL
As bad as it gets WORST
Computer drop-down MENU
Mediterranean strip GAZA
Dieter’s temptation AROMA
Middle East republic IRAN
Mine finds ORES
Two pills, often DOSAGE
Course after trig CALC
Shoed thing TOE
Brownish horses ROANS
Optimally ATBEST
Melancholy SAD
Relaxing place SPA
Object of devotion IDOL
"How unfortunate!" ALAS
Arabian peninsula country OMAN
Glenn Gould’s instrument PIANO
"Got other things going on?" SOWHATELSEISNEW
Mister in Mexico SENOR
Clear a hurdle? LEAP
Crafty, clever WILY
Gentle bite NIP
Mute salute NOD
Brunette’s opposite BLONDE
Ice-cold GELID
Sushi delicacy EEL
Respectively EACH
New York city ONEIDA
Certainly not Latin and Sumerian MODERNLANGUAGES
Yet another time ANEW
Author Morrison TONI
Poetry’s opposite PROSE
Super dry SERE
Libra stone OPAL
Damascus site SYRIA