Universal Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
90-degree shape ELL
Miss Piggy’s question MOI
Onesie protector BIB
Before, once ERE
Some horse races DERBIES
Pharaoh’s place EGYPT
Hard bird parts NEBS
Compass heading ENE
"Cool" amount MIL
Kennel noises YELPING
First colony to defy Britain, 5/4/1776 RHODEISLAND
Snake with a hood COBRA
Farewell to amigos ADIOS
Useful thing TOOL
Green prefix? ECO
Make oneself pretty PRIMP
Elevated nest AERIE
"Common Sense" publisher, 1/10/1776 THOMASPAINE
Actress Russo RENE
"___ how you do it!" THATS
Become less intense WANE
Truculent SURLY
Matched? LIT
Artery from the heart AORTA
Untidy MESSY
The Motown sound SOUL
Prolonged dispute FEUD
Drinking mug with a face TOBYJUG
Showcases on TV shows? TALENTS
Anvil location EAR
Spanish-speaking lady DONA
Word after "terra" COTTA
To no ___ (useless) AVAIL
Skater Sasha COHEN
Prefix with "septic" ANTI
Initial number? ONE
Success for a batter HIT
Milk lapper CAT
"I see what’s going on!" OHO
Gear tooth COG
Codebreaker’s discovery KEY
Implant deeply EMBED
Nipper’s co. RCA
French river LOIRE
Lamp denizen GENIE
Mortar trough HOD
Declaration of Independence ringer, 7/8/1776 LIBERTYBELL
Role for Sir Alec OBI
Noggin knocks BOPS
Pitcher Martinez PEDRO
New England pro PATRIOT
___ nice (doubly good) TWICEAS
Emulate a cobbler REHEEL
Vietnamese city HANOI
Some clubs IRONS
Type of dictionary SLANG
Uncle of America SAM
Silent performer MIME
Four Seasons offering SUITE
Liner’s peril FLOE
Certain veggie PEA
Law school subjects TORTS
"___ in Heaven" TEARS
South Korean capital SEOUL
Intimidates DAUNTS
With competence CAPABLY
Rare event in Hades? COLDDAY
Reproductive organ OVARY
Of the finest quality AONE
___ chi TAI
Second Continental Congress president, 7/2/1776 JOHNHANCOCK
Can material TIN
Join forces UNITE
Nevada border lake TAHOE
Bar offering ALE
Enter, as a vehicle GETIN
Cheap cigar STOGY