Universal Crossword Answers December 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
"Hold on ___!" ASEC
Prefix for trillion TERA
"Is it just ___ is it hot in here?" MEOR
Doesn’t save SPENDS
Goofs off LOAFS
Phrase for a guesser ORSO
"A Fish Called Wanda" role OTTO
33-Across meat PASTRAMI
Blighted outer-city area SLURB
"___," said the fly NOTI
Oil-rich sultanate OMAN
Thai currency BAHT
Mechanically stiff ROBOTIC
"Go, bullfighter!" OLE
Thinly voiced cries PULES
Tylenol rival ADVIL
Discontinue CEASE
Arm bones ULNAS
Doughnut on the road TIRE
Bestow AWARD
Wish filler GENIE
More eccentric ODDER
Openly confess AVOW
Place in 19-Across OGDEN
In a ragged manner UNEVENLY
It’s protective for cameras LENSCAP
Near the tail CAUDAL
Hostel INN
Mob scenes RIOTS
Culpability BLAME
Sounds of shear delight BAAS
Make a reversal UNDO
Scissors sound SNIP
Tall storage cylinder SILO
Fish a.k.a. horse mackerel SCAD
Hurried and how HIED
Eagle near the coast ERNE
Match up, as watches SYNC
Cash dispenser ATM
One-masted sailboat SLOOP
Snooty type SNOB
"Sucker" beginning SEER
Type of potty? PORTA
Linda in California LOMA
"Buck" ending EROO
Wests’ 180s EASTS
Canyonlands National Park’s state UTAH
Environmentalist’s concern CARBONFOOTPRINT
Automaker Ransom OLDS
Massage RUB
Some accents ACUTES
List abbr. ETAL
Before AGO
Place to grab lunch DELI
Miyazaki’s genre ANIME
Marry WED
Where to find Victoria VANCOUVERISLAND
"This ___ test" ISA
Garden statuette GNOME
Railroad or lake ERIE
___ Cayes, Haiti LES
Like morning grass DEWY
Type of block CINDER
Goose an engine REV
Excommunicates BANS
Some work-grub events BUSINESSLUNCHES
A.D. part ANNO
Battery type NICAD
Allowing a breeze AIRY
Mine opening ADIT
Pack animal of the Andes LLAMA
Sean of Hollywood PENN
Bread-in-gravy actions SOPS
Alpine warble YODEL
Carol mo. DEC