Universal Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Stations for gestations UTERI
Anglo-___ SAXON
John on the piano ELTON
Play in a kid’s game SEEK
Putting on film, in a way VIDEOING
Turkish VIP title AGA
Nuts or bananas LOCO
Wear away ERODE
"The A-Team" muscle MRT
Parts of the auditory canal EARDRUMS
Bracketology org. NCAA
Prefix meaning "tenth" DECI
Bygone fliers SSTS
Courteous NICE
It’s breaking daily NEWS
Not long-winded BRIEF
Feeling of comfort EASE
Brilliance of success ECLAT
Deal (with) COPE
Greek letters ETAS
Landlord’s due RENT
"The Incredibles" surname PARR
Part of the eyeball UVEA
___-up rage PENT
Passed bad checks KITED
Gadgets with pawls RATCHETS
Banned orchard spray ALAR
Stunningly bold FEARLESS
First on Mohs TALC
Some breads RYES
Bangkok bills BAHTS
Word with "so often" EVERY
Kathie Lee’s co-host, once REGIS
Thing in the black ASSET
Ahem alternative PSST
Seven-year malady? ITCH
Frequent test answer TRUE
Salmon variety COHO
Baldwin of "30 Rock" ALEC
Golf prop TEE
Writer’s point NIB
Product’s 1,001 USES
Low-lying area VALE
Sews on patches MENDS
Folk story TALE
Hunchback on film IGOR
Hurries RACES
Re-sign after lawyering up EXTENDACONTRACT
Not a veteran ROOKIE
Poem of tribute ODE
Speaker’s platform DAIS
Traveler’s rest INN
Inner ear? COB
Fancy pitcher EWER
Dublin’s land EIRE
Cup supporter SAUCER
Dog-to-be PUP
Jolly old saint NICK
Whacked biblically SMOTE
Kidney-related RENAL
Destiny FATE
Maximizing suffix EST
Start of a beat RATTAT
Seafood you crack CRAB
Toweled DRY
Big Band, for one ERA
Type of helmet PITH
Fond du ___ LAC
Departs LEAVES
Go for an after-dinner stroll STRETCHONESLEGS
Creature’s armor SCUTE
Not that THIS
Noted canal ERIE
Not those THESE
Blubbers SOBS
Fluid-filled sac CYST