Universal Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Long-snouted animal TAPIR
Mishandle ABUSE
Needing Dramamine AIRSICK
Intense anger IRE
32 feet, 9 inches DECAMETER
Oklahoma city ENID
Ad’s first proof REPRO
Steered clear of AVOIDED
Warsaw agreement PACT
Chicken ___ king ALA
Furrow RUT
Peg for a drive TEE
Curtain holders RODS
City of Cambridgeshire ELY
Far from fat SLIM
How the ecstatic walk ONAIR
Legendary LaBelle PATTI
Big name in Scotch DEWAR
Lion of the zodiac LEO
Narrow-waisted fliers WASPS
Hudson of movies ERNIE
Dairy apparatus SEPARATOR
Tokyo tender YEN
Catastrophic DIRE
Sympathizes RELATES
Gives testimony DEPOSES
Moore of films DEMI
Brief moment SEC
Affect GETTO
___ firma TERRA
Keach or Keibler STACY
Hissed hey PSST
Hang around LURK
Droop SAG
Large container URN
Neck wrap BOA
Peron or Gabor EVA
Hot roofing material TAR
Helper AIDER
Separate APART
Presidential nickname ABE
Singer Cara IRENE
Appraiser’s figure VALUE
Tiny boxer PUP
Give in return RECIPROCATE
Dots in the sea ISLES
Highly skilled ADROIT
Life as it is REALISM
Not even ODD
Soda synonym POP
Rode a bike CYCLED
Singer Gomez SELENA
Minute WEE
Wind-borne toys KITES
Emulate the Pied Piper DERAT
Its mascot is a mule ARMY
Made a kittenish sound MEWED
Skip over OMIT
Nasty look SNEER
Very fast RAPID
Swiss canton URI
Floored in wrestling PINNED
Least prevalent RAREST
"Game, ___ match!" SET
Race section LEG
Like many Netflix programs REPEATS
Actress Anderson PAMELA
Group of eight OCTET
Nest-egg initials IRA
Was no longer supine AROSE
Cache of treasure TROVE
"The Lord of the Rings" monster ORC
Pesky insects GNATS
Gumbo plants OKRAS
Negative vote NAY