Universal Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Type of powder TALC
Sandwich cookie OREO
Paper purchase REAM
"Be well!" TAKECARE
Barefoot UNSHOD
Pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Artery blockages CLOTS
Guinness of films ALEC
Capital of Mexico PESO
Amphetamines, e.g. UPPERS
Alabama march city SELMA
Summer ermine STOAT
Color again REDYE
Triumphed WON
Complete a project’s loose ends MOPUP
Restless longing ITCH
"Get lost!" SHOO
Capital of Togo LOME
Bambi’s tail, e.g. SCUT
Lifeboat need OAR
Baseball legend Willie MAYS
Certain snake ASP
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
___ of Capri ISLE
Fisherman’s gadget REEL
Sharp-smelling ACRID
___ Lanka SRI
Undesirables RIFFRAFF
"The ___ Cometh" ICEMAN
Became a lessee RENTED
Weisshorn, for one ALP
With a tart taste ACERB
Boldness MOXIE
Graven thing IMAGE
Scornful look SNEER
Door part HINGE
Look at lustfully OGLE
Blender noise WHIR
Hunchbacked assistant IGOR
Apple center CORE
"Heavens!" EGAD
A legal wrong TORT
Remove the top UNCAP
Russia, once USSR
51, for one AREA
___ prosequi (court declaration) NOLLE
Rose of baseball PETE
Plumber’s concern LEAK
Dark purple fruits SLOES
Despite anything that could happen COMEWHATCOMEMAY
Masked critters, briefly COONS
Give a big speech ORATE
Maui, for one ISLAND
Gravy absorbers SOPS
Norse hammer-tosser THOR
Hong Kong neighbor MACAU
___ Jordans (shoes) AIR
Do a garden chore HOE
Burial vault CRYPT
Not active IDLE
Part of the eye IRIS
Nadal of tennis RAFAEL
Italian friends AMICI
Bookstore unit SHELF
Make a more attractive offer COMEDOWNINPRICE
Huge test EXAM
Belgium treaty city GHENT
Highly excited AGOG
Latvian capital RIGA
Lord of the manor LIEGE
Knock ___ loop FORA
"___ there, done that" BEEN
Was incorrect ERRED
"I Love Lucy" character FRED