Universal Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
It equals 12 points PICA
Actor West ADAM
Tug-of-war necessity ROPE
"Wild Wild West" star Kevin KLINE
NBC’s former owner RCA
Sick ILL
Lady ___ (pop star) GAGA
"Sanford and Son" spin-off GRADY
Glass beer mug SEIDEL
Erred in a bee (var.) MISSPELT
Divisive word? INTO
Read quickly SCAN
Jazzy instrument SAX
Blood-sucking fly TSETSE
Egyptian river NILE
Deceives LIES
Slow gastropod SNAIL
Quite cold GELID
Thrill ELATE
Shore slappers TIDES
A Muppet ERNIE
Is patient WAITS
Faris and Kendrick ANNAS
They perform safe jobs YEGGS
Duel tool SWORD
Disproportion IMPARITY
House of Stuart monarch ANNE
Bond offerer, e.g. ISSUER
Two-tone whale ORCA
Golestan Palace locale TEHRAN
Inebriated one SOUSE
Positioned, to a builder SITED
Heal, as bones KNIT
Ferber or Purviance EDNA
Japanese sashes OBIS
Confederate color GRAY
On this very spot HERE
Hardy heroine TESS
"___ Complicated" ITS
Homer hitter BAT
Half ems ENS
Urban greenspace PARK
"Lethal Weapon" role RIGGS
Hit opposite MISS
Worshiped object IDOL
Ireland county CLARE
Peruvian empire builder INCA
Annapolis, e.g. acquires sales add-on = CAPITALGAINSTAX
Church words AMENS
Willis, in "Moonlighting" ADDISON
Thin fishes EELS
Canine cry YELP
Acquire GET
Fork piece TINE
Room to maneuver LEEWAY
Wallach of film ELI
Major department store SEARS
Small street LANE
Madams two-one link abiding = LADIESINWAITING
Tabloid pair ITEM
Detroit squad LIONS
Apply it for an out TAG
Tyrannical leader DESPOT
West enders? ERNS
Sound of escaping air SSS
Greek war god ARES
___ ex machina DEUS
Sneeze sound KERCHOO
Square root of 64 EIGHT
Country tire stuff shady character = INDIARUBBERTREE
Add a bit of color TINT
Kind of flu ASIAN
They’re good listeners EARS
Command to a dog STAY
Eggy places NESTS
Makes a color change DYES