Universal Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Chew like a mouse GNAW
Near, once NIGH
Like overused muscles ACHY
Cart with several cups TEAWAGON
Performances for two DUETS
Ill-fated ship at Pearl Harbor UTAH
The stuff of horror films GORE
OK to consume EDIBLE
Most arias SOLI
Certain gem OPAL
Runners set it PACE
Fire crime ARSON
Really likes ADORES
Not glossy MATTE
Short fall months? SEPTS
Nirvana obtainer ARHAT
Literary device IRONY
Iraqi port BASRA
Good direction to sail ALEE
Finger or toe, e.g. DIGIT
Come up ARISE
___ out (rationed) METED
Rice Krispies sound SNAP
Small seal SIGNET
Not yet edited UNCUT
Sale type ESTATE
Forelimb bones ULNAE
Lubricated OILED
Major artery AORTA
Brit’s elevator LIFT
Strong smell ODOR
Like a neglected houseplant SERE
Falling-out argument SPAT
Soup containers CANS
LL ___ J (rapper/actor) COOL
Does better than TOPS
Terrier variety SKYE
Small insect GNAT
Spaded DUG
Man of fables AESOP
Winsome and pleasant NICE
One for the road AUTO
A Parkinson’s treatment LDOPA
Muslim general AGHA
Back end REAR
Potpourri scent LILAC
It’s so "smart" question (Part 1) WHYWASTHEMOBILE
Tumults ADOS
Hole puncher AWL
Tet Offensive city SAIGON
"Casey at the ___" BAT
Dutch cheese EDAM
Eraser’s target ERROR
Adds seasoning SALTS
Anger IRE
It’s so "smart" question (Part 2) PHONEUNSEEINGIT
Neutral shade TAN
Drum kit part SNARE
False appearance GUISE
Lid problem STYE
Bean-counter’s letters CPA
Married UNITED
Old French coin SOU
Toby-jug fillers ALES
It’s so "smart" question (Part 3) LOSTITSCONTACTS
Model of perfection IDEAL
Trooper’s head start? PARA
Dinette set’s locale NOOK
Loud, to a conductor FORTE
Up the pot ANTE
Do the same COPY
Forced out on a limb TREED
Airport screening org. TSA
End of an ultimatum ELSE