Universal Crossword Answers February 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Furry TV extraterrestrial ALF
Rural field LEA
Endings for "tab" or "wah" OOS
Remove, as a bottle cap UNTWIST
Vandalize, in a way DEFACE
Fleshy seed covers ARILS
"___-Team" (old TV series) THEA
Minuscule TINY
Word that creates links AND
Pungent cuisine herb ROSEMARY
Criminal with dirt on someone BLACKMAILER
Dugout-clearing fight, e.g. MELEE
Utilized a squeegee WIPED
Some bread types RYES
Extinct kiwi relative MOA
"Correct ___ accounts" ONALL
Large paper size FOLIO
Some personal storage trunks FOOTLOCKERS
Mailbox opening SLOT
Not having waffles? SURER
In the center of AMID
Far from a pan RAVE
Squash, for one GOURD
Barcelona bills EUROS
Least refined CRASSEST
Large pigs HOGS
Like a beautiful night sky STARLIT
Word linking two surnames NEE
Angelic circle of light HALO
Passes, as a law ENACTS
Without an escort ALONE
Billiards maneuver CAROM
Precious little sweetie (var.) CUTEY
Fairy-tale creature OGRE
"Big Brother" host Julie CHEN
Frozen sheet material ICE
It doesn’t change when squared ONE
Animated film special effects, briefly CGI
Longtime Barbie companion KEN
So everyone can hear ALOUD
Fragrant oil from rose petals ATTAR
X5 automaker BMW
Sierra ___ (African nation) LEONE
Big horned beast RHINO
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Buddies through thick and thin FASTFRIENDS
Mount Everest, e.g. ALP
Wait in hiding to attack WAYLAY
Ceremony host EMCEE
Business workplaces OFFICES
Like some hams or salmon SMOKED
Fatal constrictors NOOSES
Muslim salutation SALAAM
Very much ALOT
Thing passed along the grapevine RUMOR
Application inquiry AGE
Drunk as a candle? LIT
Type of ball or case CHARITY
Letters for one in the hole? IOU
"That’s funny" online LOL
Wandered all over the place ROVED
Speak when you’re 35-Across SLUR
Wild Asian equine ONAGER
Header for "orthodox" HETERO
What a door provides ACCESS
Baseless stories CANARDS
The 3 million of Alaska LAKES
Relating to the eye OCULAR
Stuff in a mine ORE
Prime-time’s start, often EIGHTOCLOCK
Negative link NOR
Fallen-rock debris SCREE
Color slightly TINGE
Ambulance initials EMS
"Weeny" go-with TEENY
It can hold its beer STEIN