Universal Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tabs that cause hallucinations LSD
67.5 degrees, in directions ENE
Mark Twain, famously NOMDEPLUME
Old King Cole’s fiddlers, collectively TRIO
Senators play for money here OTTAWA
Iron Mike of the ring TYSON
Pearl City locale OAHU
Pompous one SNOB
Anatomy class prop SKELETON
A photo finish MATTE
Region or vicinity AREA
Emulate the Titanic SINK
Fill to the maximum SATE
A great one can make your week DAY
Taking a gander at EYING
Tubes with electrodes DIODES
Step softener INSOLE
Arced, soft throw LOB
Two-masted ships YAWLS
Port in the Keystone State ERIE
Eliminated rough edges SMOOTHENED
Saw eye-to-eye AGREED
Quizzes ASKS
Place for a tiny flag LAPEL
Like teeth ENAMELED
Banned bug spray DDT
Get ___ of (throw away) RID
Slowly, on sheet music ADAGIO
A nuclear weapon HBOMB
Dealmaker in Hollywood AGENT
Fathers DADS
Autobahn auto, sometimes OPEL
"You could ___ nice vacation" USEA
Extinct flightless bird DODO
Not closed OPEN
Split in two REND
Address to a webpage URL
Porky’s home STY
Slow, to a conductor LENTO
Pitch easily TOSS
Part of Einstein’s famous equation MASS
Sound that’s bullish SNORT
Tug but good YANK
Opera highlight ARIA
Fancy way to resign DEMIT
It can be about a foot SHOE
Scout abode TENT
Perform a classic comedy reaction DOADOUBLETAKE
Expire DIE
Pale and sickly WAN
Hurricane part EYE
Live, as a batted ball INPLAY
Mysterious Himalayan YETI
Place to relax in mud SPA
Norse capital OSLO
Moses’ sibling AARON
Tilly or Ryan of Hollywood MEG
"Slippery" tree ELM
Place for a lawbreaker’s monitor ANKLE
Perceive SEE
Mountain route PASS
Snake’s percussion instrument? RATTLE
Thing created by a seamstress HEM
Subsidy, e.g. AID
"Give him an inch, ___ take a mile" HED
Quite the challenge DOUBLEDOGDARE
Lhasa ___ (Tibetan dog) APSO
Easy sort of run LOPE
Taxonomic division GENUS
Judge or think DEEM
First residence EDEN
Unable to react, chemically INERT
Generous hunk, as of pie SLAB
Opposite of "go ahead" DONT
Strangely ODDLY