Universal Crossword Answers July 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Deli device SLICER
New Orleans university TULANE
Among, old-style AMIDST
Albanian bills LEKS
Angola-to-Ethiopia dir. ENE
Improvise lines ADLIB
Portals DOORS
Foot segment INCH
Snatch or grab TAKE
Belief systems CREDOS
Punch the gas while idling REV
Poem form ODE
Was victorious WON
Bird cheered in St. Louis CARDINAL
Identical SAME
Popular cookie brand OREO
Slightly long dagger DIRK
Decorative sewing kit ETUI
Soap component LYE
"Roses ___ red …" ARE
Things pitchers want OUTS
Bone-dry, as land SERE
"Cul-de-" closer SAC
"Leave a message at the ___" TONE
Corn cover HUSK
Responsibility to bear ONUS
Unit to a weightlifter REP
Pup’s bark YIP
Alley alpha male TOMCAT
Informal affirmative YEAH
Enter into a plot? INHUME
"___ My God to Thee" NEARER
Inventive wizard of Menlo Park EDISON
Long-term prisoner LIFER
Ebony complement IVORY
Enjoys coffee gingerly SIPS
Stairway part STEP
Horn sound TOOT
Fake hair WIG
"And now, without further ___ …" ADO
Coffee alternative TEA
Day pts. HRS
Like old bread STALE
Mine shaft’s end ADIT
Cornfield bird CROW
Unit of brightness LUMEN
Spanish Mrs. DONA
Start afresh REDO
It’s my time (Beginning) ILIKECLOCKSEVEN
Opposite of gentlemen CADS
Naval rank (Abbr.) ENS
Moons, poetically ORBS
Word with "runway" or "role" MODEL
Impede, as progress RETARD
Corpulence OBESITY
Release again REISSUE
Sorrowful herb? RUE
It’s my time (Middle) THEONEATWORKI
Thou, now YOU
Trig function ARCSINE
Hot, in fashion INSTYLE
Like a wolf LUPINE
Tea type PEKOE
Homer’s neighbor, on TV NED
Colossal MASSIVE
Spicy cuisine THAI
It’s my time (End) WATCHITFORHOURS
Mental spark IDEA
Equal PEER
Juliet’s love ROMEO
Common farm animal GOAT
Nimble SPRY
Serious and firm STERN