Universal Crossword Answers July 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Feminine pronoun SHE
"Rumor ___ it …" HAS
Watercolor work ART
Butchers’ wares MEATS
Preserves the dead EMBALMS
Tire pressure letters PSI
Sounds of contentment AHS
Some salmons COHOS
Kicks out EJECTS
Start a construction project BREAKGROUND
Pound fraction OUNCE
Emotion of fury ANGER
Some horizontal public protests LIEINS
Rigatoni or linguine PASTA
Spiked elephant goad ANKUS
Welcoming rites INITIATIONS
Poetic William Butler YEATS
Entre ___ (between us) NOUS
Female relative NIECE
Some cooking fats LARDS
Holmes or Couric KATIE
Participate in a certain bee SPELL
Just the ___ (nevertheless) SAME
Repeated word in meditation MANTRA
They may be posted NOTICES
Inquisition’s iron collar GAROTTE
Leisurely walk STROLL
Chicago airport OHARE
Musical composition finales CODAS
Creepy and spooky EERIE
Coming-together UNION
"To a" poem ODE
Volleyball-court feature NET
Contents of a vein pocket ORE
"Platoon" setting, briefly NAM
Not outgoing SHY
Abasement SHAME
Walked back and forth PACED
Flamboyant neckwear BOA
Seraglio HAREM
Dojo divider SHOJI
Jog or dash RUN
Chang’s closest connection? ENG
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Fall mo. OCT
Versatile blackjack card ACE
Like Prince’s "Park" PAISLEY
No-goodnik, to Bugs Bunny STINKER
Andy’s doll mate ANN
Dignified conduct MIEN
Walk doggedly SLOG
Glide on snow SKI
Little slimy creeper SNAIL
Hides in the shadows LURKS
Mild sounds of rebuke TUTS
Boiling byproduct STEAM
Common cleaner SOAP
Native of the Far East ASIAN
Lean end of the neck SCRAG
Salt Lake City collegiate UTE
Andy’s partner of old radio AMOS
Writer Buchanan or Ferber EDNA
Shutout team’s score NIL
Eight performers (var.) OCTETTE
Thin pastry of fruit STRUDEL
___ polloi (commoners) HOI
Fury IRE
Wood of the Rolling Stones RON
Commotion ADO
Crowning moments CORONATIONS
Dashed RAN
Omit, as a consonant ELIDE
Ark contents TORAH
School commencement? ESS
Some winter precipitation SLEET