Universal Crossword Answers July 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Beards that a farmer grows AWNS
Nurses’ duties SHOTS
Famous man of fables AESOP
Irritates greatly PEEVES
Recipe amt. TSP
Garden tool HOE
Tug-of-war requirement ROPE
Start to clear a cribbage board UNPEG
Natural wax producer EAR
Scatter, as a crowd DISPERSE
Type of dancer or boot GOGO
Beer varieties ALES
Christening or baptism, e.g. RITE
Informal "certainly" YEAH
Border lake or canal ERIE
Foreign Legion cap KEPI
Epsom and table SALTS
Babysitter’s unruly kid BRAT
Post-op recovery period REHAB
Imitator APER
Mambo legend Puente TITO
Greenish-blue CYAN
___ erectus HOMO
Opposin’? AGIN
Per ___ (yearly) ANNUM
Absolutely infuriates INCENSES
Courts WOOS
Eye lustfully OGLE
Chief or primary MAIN
Boyfriend BEAU
Some ladies’ wear SKIRTS
More than suggested URGED
"The Waste Land" poet ELIOT
Attempt all over again RETRY
Inquires ASKS
Wind indicator VANE
Sign of foreboding OMEN
Italian wine area ASTI
Unit of force DYNE
Deplete (with "up") USE
San Simeon-to-Fresno dir. ENE
Type of household pet CAT
"Stat" relative ASAP
By way of, on street signs THRU
Poetic Allan Poe EDGAR
Roller-coaster cry WHEE
In just a short while SOON
Garlic mayonnaise AIOLI
PUNCH LINE: … jalapeno business (var.) NOSEYPEPPERSGET
Kitchen range STOVE
Ending for "mountain" or "sonnet" EER
Ask, as a question POSE
Makes statements SPEAKS
Mock or jeer GIBE
Fleece SHEAR
Book typos ERRATA
Repeated dance syllable CHA
"Please let me go!" e.g. PLEA
Clear jelly for molds ASPIC
Acid type AMINO
Crooned SANG
Sturgeon’s eggs ROE
Corporal or sergeant, e.g. NONCOM
Light providers BULBS
Jacob’s Old Testament brother ESAU
More humble in spirit MEEKER
Bard’s river AVON
Savings vehicle, briefly IRA
Was bugged in winter? AILED
One of the strike zone limits KNEES
Certain active volcano ETNA
Ripped TORN
Have a feeling about SENSE
Plan to lose weight DIET
Eye problem STYE