Universal Crossword Answers July 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Confer knighthood on DUB
Anger IRE
Hoop group NBA
Electrician on the set GAFFER
Hotel consideration RATE
Military base truant AWOL
Slightly damage MAR
Expensive PRICEY
Currently wear BECLOTHEDIN
Yale and Columbia, for two IVIES
Beauty’s beloved BEAST
Nymphs of lakes and springs NAIADS
Old computer accessories CDROMS
B.B. King’s genre BLUES
Stereotypical snack for a cop DONUT
Reproductive organ OVARY
Use for traveling, as a car GETAROUNDIN
Parts of fences GATES
Twisted dry (with "out") WRUNG
How "I knew it all"? ALONG
How to "leave me" ALONE
Online diaries BLOGS
Parasite with no wings LOUSE
Specification DETAIL
Response inciters STIMULI
More asinine INANER
Models or tough questions POSERS
Corrosive liquids ACIDS
Pie type MINCE
Comical theatrical bit SKIT
Queue LINE
RR stop STA
Sound made by Homer Simpson DOH
Promise often made in church IDO
Recently released NEW
Elevator sound DING
Inclined accesses RAMPS
Catcher behind the plate? BIB
Type of "Cowboy" in a film title URBAN
Cognizant AWARE
First female EVE
Tip the scale BEAFACTORIN
Spy org. CIA
Raul Castro’s brother FIDEL
Bridge suspenders CABLES
Quick, easy bookmark DOGEAR
"Scram, dude!" GETLOST
Lay on much too thick OVERDO
Far-fetched, to a hippie WAYOUT
King Cole or Turner NAT
Quite intelligent SMART
Place to kick habits REHAB
Eurasian range URAL
Swung around abruptly SLUED
Move one’s merchandise SELL
Trainees or rookies TYROS
Beginning or first occurrence ONSET
___-wop (old-school music style) DOO
Simple pleasure trip OUTING
Recording TAPING
Kinda funny AMUSING
Makes amends ATONES
Screening setting CINEMA
Narrow cuts, as in paper SLITS
Neighbor of Ky. IND
Needing training for UNSKILLEDIN
601, to Julius Caesar DCI
Allow entry to LETIN
Become worn away ERODE
Yen fraction SEN
Come in third place at Pimlico SHOW