Universal Crossword Answers June 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Roman orator CICERO
Oath taker, essentially AVOWER
Place with moving pictures CINEMA
Dame Myra HESS
Suffix for record holders EST
Provide with the proper tools EQUIP
___ out (hits a long shot) LUCKS
Be a part of the election process VOTE
Three, on a sundial III
Threw rocks at STONED
Stopovers SOJOURNS
Like forks and electrical plugs PRONGED
If all goes perfectly ATBEST
Greek alphabet’s 17th letter RHO
Famous San Francisco hill NOB
Fairy-tale brute OGRE
Closely packed DENSE
Geek’s relative NERD
Wimbledon champ Bjorn BORG
A couple of quarters? OCTAD
Sports figure, briefly STAT
End of a quest? ION
Sometimes-smashed minuscule thing ATOM
Clint of Hollywood EASTWOOD
Stylish and distinctive elegance ELAN
Member of a certain environmental club SIERRAN
"Quiet!" to Archie Bunker STIFLE
Yankee great Mickey MANTLE
Type of veil BRIDAL
Withstand or continue to exist ENDURE
Spoke with a harsh, low voice RASPED
Cup edge RIM
Device that gave you a beep PAGER
Large amounts of land ACRES
Try to win the hand of WOO
"___ all been there" WEVE
Opposition prefix ANTI
Fell with a hatchet HEW
It has a grand old flag USA
Supply that’s stashed CACHE
"The King" of music ELVIS
Steam bath locale SPA
Wrigley Field homers clear them IVIES
Ring that’s tossed in a game QUOIT
Dinner crumb ORT
Lambs’ moms EWES
Trip with a backpack HIKE
"There’s ___ here but us …" NOONE
Dreamy sleep state REM
Comment from a klutz OOPS
Repairs computer coding DEBUGS
Simian of Borneo ORANG
Oyster’s resting place? BED
Abbr. for one no longer working RET
The wearing away of rocks, e.g. EROSION
It may come between partners AND
What little builders practice with ERECTORSETS
Downhearted SAD
Grapefruit-orange hybrid TANGELO
Certain sib SIS
Porch item MAT
Dark yellow hue AMBER
Foursome TETRAD
Most insignificant chess piece PAWN
Genetic inits. RNA
James who walked on the moon IRWIN
Baylor’s base WACO
Helps AIDS
How builders build FROMTHEGROUNDUP
Cambodian’s neighbor LAO
Embankment LEVEE
Look at without blinking STARE
Opposite of start END
Pretty pitchers EWERS
Fell ill AILED