Universal Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Result of a beaver’s hard work DAM
Roth savings vehicle IRA
"Nothing but ___!" NET
Spain-to-Croatia dir. ENE
Attempted with strong effort STRIVEN
Strikebreakers SCABS
Quite serene CALM
Frazier’s foe ALI
Legendary Taylor, informally LIZ
Carry out, as a mission EXECUTE
Believe on uncertain grounds HYPOTHESIZE
Drying chamber OAST
Not that THIS
Puts frosting on a cake ICES
"Won" homophone ONE
Nova ___ SCOTIA
Some military trainees CADETS
Put under, in an operating room ANESTHETIZE
Type of canal in a dentist’s office ROOT
Grave plunderer GHOUL
"___ Misbehavin’" AINT
Shearer’s products WOOLS
Addresses a crowd ORATES
Narrows TAPERS
Cacophonous NOISY
Louganis or Maddux GREG
Word of prayer AMEN
Family room pieces, sometimes SETTEES
"___ have what she’s having" ILL
Something for the birthday girl GIFT
Errant balls FOULS
Reitman or Lendl IVAN
Entree complement SIDE
BBQ skewer SPIT
Reproductive gametes OVA
Damage slightly MAR
Cheerleader’s word RAH
"___ got my eyes on you" IVE
Last in a line of 26 ZEE
Mental telepathy ESP
Enjoys a fancy restaurant DINES
Oft-stepped-on thing SCALE
Word with "water," "pepper" or "dog" HOT
"___ we all?" ARENT
Bowl-shaped drinking vessel CALIX
Slangy affirmative YAH
Appear out of thin air MATERIALIZE
Letters of air pressure PSI
Threatening Cold War weapon ICBM
Crotchety old 44-Acrosses COOTS
Colorful neckwear items SCARVES
Appearing emaciated GAUNT
Some lake crafts CANOES
Intensely passionate WHITEHOT
Precursor of a movie theater ODEON
Who is over a dictator? NOONE
Prohibition, e.g. ERA
Hit the town GOOUT
When the boss needs it ASAP
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
Shrimplike crustacean KRILL
Strike with force, biblically SMITE
Feature of a well-used hearth ASHINESS
Eccentric fuddy-duddy GEEZER
Song of lament ELEGY
Good physical condition FITNESS
Fiber from agave ISTLE
Like a comfortable pillow SOFT
Sundial seven VII
Make an office modern, in a way COMPUTERIZE
Wood-trimming tool (var.) ADZ
Prove beneficial AVAIL
Gutter sites EAVES
Society page word NEE
Labor go-with, in a body shop PARTS
Easily led creatures SHEEP