Universal Crossword Answers June 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dutch appliance OVEN
Place with fresh eggs NEST
___ Major (constellation) URSA
Culinary directive STIR
Relish or have fun with ENJOY
The zodiac’s carnivore LEO
What a Pope may lead MASS
Editor’s "never mind" STET
Unstressed vowels SCHWAS
Wedding place ALTAR
Nearly treeless plain TAIGA
Ant by another term EMMET
Ireland by another name EIRE
Gentle physical reminder POKE
Hearing membrane EARDRUM
Defrost THAW
Post-shower attire ROBE
Throw off, as steam EMIT
Word with "cheese" or "bang" BIG
Vast space for sheep LEA
Rhymer’s creation POEM
Hotel amenity SPA
Blood stoppage CLOT
Plays on the TV AIRS
Vocal club at school GLEE
Auto pioneer OLDS
Traveler’s rest INN
"Born as" NEE
Conflict WAR
Went up and down BOBBED
Populous continent ASIA
Fluctuate VARY
It’s prior to delivery LABOR
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
Libreville’s land GABON
Hesitates BALKS
Just a wee bit open AJAR
Title NAME
2.54 centimeters INCH
Give a green light to OKAY
Smart-alecky backtalk SASS
Director Preminger OTTO
Witnessed SEEN
Fish or Cape COD
Cooperstown’s Wagner HONUS
A tall, shady bunch ELMS
More than satisfy SATE
Very hard to miss OVERT
___ as a pin NEAT
Burrowing sea mollusk CLAM
Smiths: Jazz singer, religion starter, Super Bowl star BESSIEJOSEPHTIM
One of the Great Lakes ONTARIO
Charge at some warehouses STOWAGE
Whiskey or bread type RYE
Jeweler’s measurement KARAT
Bass counterpart TREBLE
Cathedral areas APSES
Brother or dude kin HOMIE
Jockey’s tool CROP
Yore AGO
Smiths: Future first lady, college basketball coach, movie star ABIGAILDEANWILL
Type of paint to avoid WET
Societal standard NORM
Dog-___ (bookmarked, as a page) EARED
African language group BANTU
Poetic lines VERSES
Former capital of Nigeria LAGOS
Degree for some CEOs MBA
Graceful horse breed ARABIAN
Melodic musical passages ARIOSOS
Smiths: "Police Academy" NFLer, Charlie’s angel, famous singer BUBBAJACLYNKATE
Certain woodwind OBOE
Run ___ (lose self-control) AMOK
Social class in India CASTE
McNally’s map partner RAND
Many house wines REDS
Green tea variety HYSON