Universal Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Spaces between things GAPS
Like history passed along by storytellers ORAL
Shrek is an animated one OGRE
Lavishes affection (on) DOTES
Pencil that limits bleeding STYPTIC
"Long ___ and far away …" AGO
Annoying bird on a farm CROW
Native American shelter of old TEPEE
Swelling reducer ICEBAG
Negative linking word NOR
Certain aerial stunt HALFLOOPER
"Nixon in China," for one OPERA
The mind PSYCHE
Indoor throw? AFGHAN
Making do, barely EKING
Charles Dutton sitcom role ROC
Has some chow EATS
Airborne pest GNAT
Legendary Hollywood actor GARYCOOPER
Type of deodorant applicator ROLLON
Grab the wheel STEER
City near Tempe MESA
Whispered attention-getter PSST
More weird and creepy EERIER
Van Gogh had one in his later years EAR
Falls asleep NODSOFF
3,650 days, roughly DECADE
Gun for the road FLARE
Madagascar primate LEMUR
Way out in the country RURAL
Make a goal SCORE
Book unit PAGE
Impersonator APER
Servant or serf relative PEON
Sea-going eagles ERNS
Grier or Tillis PAM
Titleist prop TEE
Merchandise GOODS
Words with "self-defense" or "good faith" ACTIN
Masonry container HOD
Insider’s lingo ARGOT
El ___ (Spanish artist) GRECO
Second quarter’s "4," briefly APR
Gala’s killjoy PARTYPOOPER
DiCaprio of films LEO
Slumbers SLEEPS
Spider’s trap WEB
Circular hairdo AFRO
Eyelid protrusion STYE
Feature of some winter hats EARFLAP
It runs if cracked EGG
Gross, to kids ICKY
Type of boots or dancer GOGO
States of lawlessness and disorder ANARCHIES
Emulate a "Pac-Man" character CHOMP
Common Polynesian food TARO
Maternally related ENATE
"Planet of the ___" APES
Aesthetic STYLE
Feature of vast meadows GREENNESS
Dressed CLAD
Infamous emperor NERO
Plague-carrying rodent RAT
Hardwood installer FLOORER
Frees oneself (of) RIDS
Explorer Ponce de ___ LEON
Eight fluid ounces CUP
Leave jail prematurely ESCAPE
Piece of concert equipment AMP
Person who’s jumpy on airplanes? PARATROOPER
Have regrets RUE
Old saying ADAGE
Commercial refrigerant FREON
Make an incorrect choice, e.g. ERR
Confused, wild fight MELEE
Some common houseplants FERNS